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Posted 22/12/2016

Find your sleep goal for 2017

A new year is a chance to start fresh. New calendar, new fitness plan, new sleep goal?

You may have spent too much (or too little) time in bed in 2016, and exhaustion may have gotten the best of you. 2017 is an opportunity to figure out what works best for you in sleep, from how many hours you should be getting to the schedule that will keep you energized.

Here are a few tips for finding your sleep goal this new year:

1. Understand your sleep patterns.

Use a sleep tracker to figure out your sleep patterns. When you start a new diet, you must measure your current weight and percentage of body fat. When you start a new sleep regime, you must place the same (if not higher) level of attention. Every person is different, it’s worth to figure out what type of sleeper you are before jumping into a new routine.

2. Find the amount of sleep you need.

For at least one week, take note of how many hours you sleep on the days you feel most energized – or use the Eight Energy Experiment to do this for you! Do you feel most reseted when you get 7 hours or when you get 8 hours and 15 minutes? Once you figure out this number, you can set it as your goal for every night.

3. Fix a schedule.

Knowing your sleep goal is not enough to keep you on track. The best way to do it is fixing a sleep schedule and sticking to it on most nights. A sleep schedule is made up by the time you go to bed an the time you wake up. Find these times to make sure you will hit your sleep goal. For example, if your goal is 7 hours and 30 minutes and you must wake up at 7am, then your bed time should be 11:15pm. Consider it takes an average person 15 minutes to fall asleep so your bed time must account for it.

4. Create an environment that invites you to sleep.

Remove all distractions including televisions, iPads, and leave your phones on your night stand right when you get in bed. Set the right temperature in your bedroom and bed, wear light pajamas, and turn off all lights. Your environment plays a crucial role in your sleep quality, attention must be paid!

Now you are all set. Go get the best sleep this 2017.

Happy sleeping!

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