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The intelligent system that gives you up to one more hour of sleep

Works with any bed

Dual climate temperature

Cool or warm each side of the bed to your ideal temperature.

Vibration and thermal alarm

Wake up with a gentle vibration and thermal change, no noisy alarms.

Sleep and health tracking

The sensors track all your and your partner’s health and sleep metrics.

The science

No compromise in sleep fitness

How the Pod helps athletes towards peak performance and recovery:

Pod users completed more high intensity exercise on average

pie chart+65%

Pod users saw improvements in their heart rate variability (HRV)

pie chart+17%

Pod users experienced faster response times

pie chart+8%

The Pod delivers better sleep, for better health

  • Health

    Improve cardiovascular recovery by up to 17%

  • Focus

    Enhance cognitive function by 13%

  • Performance

    Boost energy levels by 34%