Unlock your health potential with 8+ Performance

A new product by Eight Sleep designed to help everyday high performers unlock their full health potential.

8+ Performance is a personalized weekly analysis of your overall sleep & health with actionable suggestions to improve, prepared by our team of experts.

Generating your first report is easy: all you have to do is connect your favorite wearables and health tracking devices such as Apple Watch, Withings, Oura, Whoop, and the Eight Sleep Pod. Within 3 business days, you will receive a detailed report via email that will help you understand your own data and identify what’s working and what’s not working. The more data sources you connect to Eight Sleep, the more thorough the report will be.

Every week, in between monthly reports, you will hear from our experts as needed to ensure you are staying on track with your goals. These weekly check-ins are also personalized, and may include highlights on your data trends and recommendations for habit adjustments.


See what’s inside

A comprehensive look into the most important pillars of your health and how they correlate: sleep, stress, and activity 

In this section you will find snapshots of what your personal 8+ Performance Report may look like. Because this report is personalized, the numbers, highlights, and recommendations may look different week to week. 

Each 8+ Performance Report begins with a summary, which provides a Performance Score that ranges from 0 to 100. This score is an overall assessment of your sleep, stress, and heart health and helps you understand whether you are on track for improving your health.

Your dedicated performance scientist will include actionable suggestions to improve in your 8+ Performance Report. They will be instantly available in the 8+ Performance App so you can track your progress and provide feedback.

An in-depth look at how you slept in the past week

Each report includes an analysis of how you slept, providing an overall score and highlights that tell you the areas you should focus on improving. 

Our experts will provide tactical recommendations on how to make improvements in these metrics, and every week in between your Reports, you will receive further suggestions to keep you on track. 

Every area assessed also features a breakdown that shows your personalized goals and how each metric is faring to date. This breakdown is critical to dig deep into the inputs that are influencing your health output.

Review your stress levels and what you can do to cope

Every week, we also review the impact of stressors, with an overall score and a breakdown of metrics that could be improved.

Based on trends in this data, your goals and habits, our experts will provide recommendations every week with techniques to cope in any situation.

Insights into your activity and what’s optimal for you

Each report includes a review of your activity, including an overall score, and how it correlates with your metrics.

The areas you should focus on improving will also be highlighted by our performance experts who will provide tactical recommendations on how to make improvements in these metrics, and every week in between your Reports, you will receive further suggestions to keep you on track.

Meet the experts that will guide you to reach your goals

Adam Bataineh, MD

Medical doctor specialized in internal medicine and trained in longevity. He has a unique ability to make cutting-edge research accessible to the masses

Rachel Lett, RNutr

Registered nutritionist with years of experience with nutrition coaching and personally driven by her own journey to optimal health, with a strong interest for metabolic and gut health.

Zach Winfield, CNC, CPT

Certified Nutritional Consultant (AFPA), Personal Trainer (NASM), KAATSU band specialist. Natural movement and functional fitness specialist, passionate using data to drive performance.


Connect your data today, get your first report within 3 business days

Getting started is fast and easy: connect your favorite wearables and devices, answer a few questions to help us set your health goals, and leave it to our team of experts. Your first Report will be delivered via email within 3 business days. 

1. Connect your data from wearables and more

Integrate all your favorite wearables and get ready to improve your performance, energy levels, and mental clarity. Currently supported devices include Eight Sleep Pod, Oura, and Whoop – with more integrations coming soon.

2. Set your individual health goals

Tell us about your personal routines, health and wellness habits, and the goals you want to achieve in the short and long term. By answering a brief performance assessment, our experts will gather the information they need to personalize their recommendations to your needs. 

3. Receive your first 8+ Performance Report

Within 3 business days, you will receive your first report via email. Each report will guide you to discover the metrics that matter for you, what’s working, what’s not, and how to improve.

4. Track your progress in the 8+ Performance App

Suggestions from your report will be available in our dedicated app. It will allow you to track your progress and provide feedback to your dedicated performance scientist.

5. Maintain a weekly pulse check on your health

Your dedicated performance scientist will continually monitor your data and how you’re trending towards your goals, to provide a personalized snapshot of your progress every week to ensure you stay on track.

One monthly report plus weekly insights & suggestions for just $49/month

As an introductory opportunity, we are offering a limited number of Eight Sleep Members the chance to access their first 8+ Performance Report for only $49. Try your first report today to lock in the price for every subsequent monthly report at only $49/month.

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