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Buster Skrine

American Football Player

Darryl Frank "Buster" Skrine is a professional American football cornerback for Chicago. Drafted in 2011, Buster previously played for Cleveland and New York. He has ventured into business with Versatile NYC, a consulting company for talent marketing.

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Buster sat down with Matteo Franceschetti,
co-founder and CEO of Eight Sleep, to talk training, recovery, and how he stays focused on his game.

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How do you start your day?

I like to visualize my day before it begins. I take a few minutes every morning to do that. I guess you can call it a kind of meditation.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Hard work pays off. I’ve heard it from a lot of people and it’s always stuck with me.

What’s a dream you have yet to accomplish?

Living my life to its full potential. I’m just getting started...

How do you wind down before bed?

I read my kids a book. It’s really relaxing.

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I need to recover consistently and efficiently. To be better on and off the field. For my family, my fans, my team.

What drives you?

I like to win!

How has your relationship with sleep changed over the years?

I’ve always believed that proper rest and recovery will allow me to have a longer career in football. It wasn’t until after my first few seasons that I really started to dedicate real time and focus to it. I think we all think of the end of the day as a time to ‘wind down’ so we get into bad habits like watching TV, talking on the phone, getting up to take care of things...not really resting. Over time, I’ve gotten a lot better using sleep for actual sleep.

What does your ultimate day of recovery consist of?

Cryo, massage, rest & sleep.

What are three things you can’t sleep without?

Quiet and now my Eight Sleep Pod!

What’s keeping you up at night currently?

My football season. We’re in the middle of it!