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Elevate your guest experience with the Pod Pro

Bring the future of sleep into your rental unit and give your guests a stay unlike anything they’ve experienced before.

Help your guests sleep better away from home

The Pod Pro's advanced temperature control and health tracking allows your guest to get 5-star sleep every night

thermometer icon showing 79 degrees55-110°FAutomated cooling & heating
Bed Dual Zone temperature iconDual-ZoneCustom temperature for each side
Smart Phone icon showing temperature dialAdvanced Sleep TrackingIncluding deep sleep and REM sleep
blue heartbeat in black heart outline iconHealth InsightsDaily health reports and HRV monitoring

Special pricing available for hosts and commercial properties

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Is there a minimum order quantity?


If my properties are international, can I still participate?


How do my guests use the Pod Pro during their stay?


Is this available for commercial properties (ie. apartments)?


Beyond the Eight Sleep Pod Pro itself, is there anything else I need for the experience?


Beyond the Pod Pro, are there any other accessories to elevate my guest’s sleep experience?