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Sleep and recover like Patrick Peterson, with the ultimate recovery routine

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“The Hypervolt is a game changer for me because I can use it anywhere. It’s one of those things I don’t leave the house without”

— Patrick Peterson, NFL Defensive Back

“When I found out about Eight Sleep in 2022 I was like I gotta try this out (...) Now having the technology and having the cooling system, I'm able to get a better quality of sleep”

— Patrick Peterson, NFL Defensive Back

Recovery at its finest

To kick off the football season Eight Sleep and Hyperice have come together with Patrick Peterson to create the ultimate recovery package.

To stay on top of your game, your sleep and recovery has to be on point. A great night’s sleep coupled with the most advanced massage therapy allows top athletes to reach their full potential. This is why Eight Sleep and Hyperice are every athlete's favorites.

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Recover like a pro athlete

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