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Better sleep,
that gets smarter
every day

Continuous sleep improvement, designed for youSleep improvement designed for you

  • Tracks your sleep & environment

    Autopilot uses sensors to track your sleep, health and bedroom conditions

  • Adjusts temperature for you

    Based on your local weather, sleep stages and more, Autopilot adjusts your bed temperature during the night

  • Improves your sleep

    Autopilot’s adjustments help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up energized

Autopilot features

Everything you need to sleep better

  • Pod with blue cool dots

    Overnight temperature changes based on you and your sleeping environment

    Autopilot makes sleep-saving adjustments throughout the night based on your sleep stages, bedroom temperature, and more.

    • Sleep history

    • Temperature preferences

    • Local weather

    • Sleep stages

  • iPhone displaying the Eight Sleep app

    Sleep and health reports daily, weekly, and beyond

    View your sleep stages, time slept, heart rate, and HRV and receive personalized insights and recommendations.

    • Heart rate

    • HRV

    • Sleep cycles

    • Respiratory rate

    • Sleep duration

  • Vibration and thermal alarm to wake up fresh every day

    With customizable chest-level vibration and a gradual thermal change, you will wake up gently and feel fully refreshed.

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    Supports you and your partner

    Autopilot provides the full benefits for both you and your partner, so you can both sleep better every night.

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    Exclusive offers to the best in health and wellness

    Unlock over $5,000 in exclusive offers from our world-class wellness network, available for members only.

5-year extended warranty

*Only included with Enhanced plan. Terms apply.

For up to 5 years following your initial purchase date, we will replace or repair your Pod when the damage is the result of a defect in material or workmanship as long as you purchased through this site and have the Autopilot Enhanced plan active.

Less AC, lower energy bill

*Calculation based on U.S-costs of residential electricity.

Cooling down with the Pod is more efficient than air conditioning. You can stay cool, sleep better, and save at least $15/month on your energy bill with the Pod.

Autopilot plans


Most popular


  • Learns your ideal thermal environment on each bed side and automatically adjusts to optimize your sleep, with temperatures between 55°F - 110°F.

  • Set your bedtime, deep, and REM temperatures. Autopilot will automatically be ready at your bedtime temperature until you fall asleep. Once it detects you fell asleep, it will start transitioning through your other two temperatures.

  • Silently wakes you up with chest-level vibration and gradual thermal change.

  • Sleep and health reports for each side of the bed including sleep stages, sleep time, heart rate, and HRV.

  • Members receive $500 off Pod upgrades in the member shop, so you can always be sleeping on the latest Eight Sleep technology.

  • Members can receive up to 20% off accessories in the member shop, including Hyperice products, sleep supplements, and more.

  • Share Autopilot with your partner for free. One plan provides the full benefits for both you and your partner so you can both sleep better every night.

  • For up to 5 years following your initial purchase date, we will replace your Pod as long as you purchased through this site and have an active plan (terms apply).

    (Includes only 2-year warranty)

*Only available to US residents

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In an age where humans are sleeping worse than ever... it's pretty cool to have...

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I used to suffer from regular night sweats… I haven’t since putting it on my mattress.

Elissa Goodman


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