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Start sleeping better today

Four reasons to love the Pod

1. Better, deeper sleep

Pod Features

  • Cool your bed as low as 55F

    Automatic temperature adjustments will keep you cool each phase of the night

  • Fits seamlessly onto any bed

    Installs in minutes onto any bed, staying snugly in place night after night

  • Wake up energized

    Improve your sleep quality by 32% and join the ranks of the world’s top athletes. 

Woman lying on the Pod Cover looking at her phone
The Pod on the floor

Add the Pod to your bed for heating and cooling

Designed to dynamically heat and cool throughout the night to help you sleep better. Sleep as cold as 55°F or as warm as 110°F.

The perfect temperature, all night

Graph showing that the Pod can change temperature between bedtime and wake up time

Bring home the best in sleep tech

The Pod Cover
Spring Sale

Bring home the best in sleep tech

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The Pod
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Everything you need to sleep better

  • Automatic temperature adjustments

    The Pod makes adjustments throughout the night to keep you asleep & improve your sleep quality

    A bed powered by the Pod
  • Vibration and thermal alarm

    Wake up refreshed with customizable vibration & thermal alarm

    A modern bedroom with the Pod
  • Sleep and health insights

    Each partner receives unique reports on metrics like sleep stages, heart rate, and HRV

    A man looking at his insights on his Eight Sleep app
A bed powered by the PodA modern bedroom with the PodA man looking at his insights on his Eight Sleep app

Pod Features

  • Try risk-free for 30 nights

    Enjoy the Pod at home, and return it for a full refund if you don’t love it

  • Free shipping and returns

    Free shipping in over with no-cost, hassle-free returns

  • Worry-free warranty

    Ongoing Pod protection for up to 5 years, warranty terms apply

Fueling extraordinary people like you

Why change your temperature when the Pod can do it for you?

As Autopilot learns from your preferences and environment, it makes automatic temperature adjustments to personalize your sleep experience.

My temperature preference



Bedtime setup screen
Alarm wakeup setup screen
A woman lying on her bed, looking at her phone

Get into bed each night at the perfect temperature

Every night, Autopilot automatically adjusts to your perfect temperature, ensuring you get into bed ready for sleep.

Come home to a bed that's ready for you

The Pod in a modern bedroom
The Pod in a modern bedroom
A frame of a phone lock screen
A notification informing that the Pod is ready to sleep in

Wake up blissfully each morning

Start waking up gently with a vibration and thermal alarm and no longer wake your partner in the morning

A man and woman in bed, smiling

See how you slept and learn about your health

Your Sleep Fitness Score helps you understand your sleep and wellbeing.

Phone screen showing a Sleep Fitness Score of 90
  • A tile showing a Quality score of 80%

    Quality. Your bedtime and wakeup time consistency, time to fall asleep, and time to wakeup.

  • A tile showing a Routine score of 90%

    Routine. Your bedtime and wakeup time consistency, time to fall asleep, and time to wakeup.

  • A tile showing a Time slept of 7 hours, 50 minutes

    Time Slept. The total time you slept the previous night compared to your average.

The Pod Cover

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The Pod Cover
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