Now, there's a simple way to sleep at the perfect temperature, and it's a device I use myself - The Pod Cover

- Tim Ferriss

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Pod 3 Cover

Add the Pod to your mattress

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Unlock more energy with the Pod 3

  • bed

    Fall asleep faster

    Up to 44% faster sleep onset

  • moon

    Wake up less

    Up to 34% more deep sleep

  • trend line up

    Increase your recovery

    Up to 19% increase in Heart Rate Variability

Red Gerard
Red Gerard

Eight Sleep Athlete |Olympic Gold Medal Snowboarder

sleep fitness scoresleep fitness scoresleep fitness scoresleep fitness score

Your sleep, improved every night with the Pod 3

  • A couple laying on a Pod 3 with a inset screenshot of a Sleep Fitness Report in-app
    phone monitoring hrv

    Your health and sleep tracked without a wearable

    The Pod tracks your biometrics seamlessly while you sleep, and notifies you when any metric goes off trend compared to your personal baselines.

    • heart

      Heart Rate

    • heart with EKG line


    • lungs

      Respiratory Rate

    • clock displaying 5 o'clock

      Time Slept

    • Bar chart

      Sleep Stages

    • moon with x


  • the Eight Sleep app displaying an Autopilot temperature curve

    Personal temperature adjustments to help you sleep deeper

    The Pod automatically adjusts temperature, by cooling down or warming up, to optimize your sleep based on your environment, health metrics, and feedback.

  • an Eight Sleep alarm notification
    a bed with vibration waves above it

    Smooth wakeups with GentleRise vibration alarm

    Everyone hates a loud alarm. The Pod can silently wake you up using chest-level vibration and gradual temperature change.

  • an Eight Sleep Insight Card reading: "New Insight. On days you go spinning, your Sleeping HRV is 10% higher"

    Digital coaching to improve your sleep fitness

    Correlating your sleep and health data is key to understanding your health. The Pod makes correlations and provides actionable insights – so you can build better health habits.

couple on phones

Perfect for one sleeper, even better for two

couple in bed with different temperature readings

No more blanket hogging or thermostat squabbles. Each side of the Pod can cool or heat to 55°-110°F. The Pod detects when each person falls asleep, automatically adjusts temperature through the night, and turns on and off based on your individual schedules.

Don't just take our word for it

Temperature autopilot

Your perfect temperature, set automatically

Temperature Autopilot is a proprietary algorithm that improves your sleep by creating the optimal microclimate for your sleep. Autopilot learns what you need based on your biometrics, and automatically adjusts temperature through the night to give you deeper sleep and higher recovery.

Autopilot app screenshot

Autopilot takes into account various factors that help the Pod identify what’s best for you

Sleep iconYour historical sleep patterns

Sleep iconPrevious temperature preferences

Sleep iconReal-time weather and room temperature

Sleep iconYour feedback and input over time

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Pod 3 Cover

Add the Pod to your mattress

Product image of Pod 3 Cover

$250 Off

Now $2,045 was $2,295

or as low as $64/mo
for 36 mo

Financing starting at 0% APR with affirm logo

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