5 ways the Pod will rid you of night sweats

The Pod can be added to any bed, like a fitted sheet -- and will help you say goodbye to night sweats once and for all.

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What’s cooler than being cool? (Ice cold)

Memory foam traps heat throughout the night. The Eight Sleep Pod cools all the way down to 55º F. And stays there. None of our competitors drop it that low.

Dual zone temperature control

Your partner likes to sleep at a totally different temperature? No worries - the Pod allows each sleeper to set their side of the bed to their own temperature (between 55ºF and 110ºF)

Temp adjustments throughout the night for better sleep

The Pod improves your sleep with small temp adjustments throughout the night. Our bodies are meant to drop 1-3º F when we fall asleep and warm up gradually as we wake up. The Pod facilitates this process, giving you the best quality rest possible. Your old bed could never.

The Pod will cool down 1 hour before your bedtime

Imagine the joy of crawling into crisp sheets. Now imagine that times 10. Your bed will be at the perfect temperature as soon as bedtime rolls around.

Upgrade your sleep

Expert insights, just for you

Thanks to best-in-class biometric tracking, the Pod offers you a personalized daily sleep report with insights on how certain behaviors – like late-night exercise or caffeine – impact your sleep and overall health.

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The Pod is an intelligent sleep system that can be installed onto any bed to improve your sleep.

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