New. Pod 3.

Unlock up to 32% higher sleep quality with the Pod 3 cooling technology

Sleep Award 2021
Fitness Award 2021
Best Inventions 2018 & 2019
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Sleep better and live healthier with the Pod

  • Up to 34% More Deep Sleep*

  • Up to 32% Improved Sleep Quality*

  • Up to 19% Increase in Recovery*

The new Pod 3 is the only sleep technology that dynamically cools and heats each side of the bed to maintain the optimal sleeping temperature for your body’s needs.

The new Invisible Sensing in Pod 3 features two-times the amount of sensors and a new design to enable higher comfort plus more accurate sleep and health tracking. With 4000x greater resolution, Pod 3 delivers the best sleep experience on Earth.

Trusted by experts and top performers. Built for you.

image of Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton

7X Formula 1 Champion

image of Toto Wolff

Toto Wolff

Team Principal and CEO, Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS F1 Team

image of Justin Medeiros

Justin Medeiros

2021 CrossFit Games Champion

image of Red Gerard

Red Gerard

Olympic Gold Medal Snowboarder

image of Brooke Wells

Brooke Wells

CrossFit Athlete

image of Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss

Best-selling author and podcaster

image of Louisa Nicola

Louisa Nicola

Ph.D., Neurophysiologist

image of George Russell

George Russell

Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS F1 Driver

image of Andrew Huberman

Andrew Huberman

Ph.D., Neuroscientist and Host of Huberman Lab

Trusted by experts and top performers. Built for you.

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton

7X Formula 1 Champion

Two ways to elevate your sleep fitness

The Pod technology comes in two forms: the Pod Mattress and Pod Cover. Offering the same technology and features, you may choose to upgrade your holistic sleep experience with the Pod Mattress, or simply retrofit your current mattress with the Cover.

Compare models

    Pod 3 Mattress NEW

    The all-in-one experience blending technology and comfort. Our award-winning Pod technology combined with a premium 5-layer mattress developed with years of sleep data.

    Pod 3 Cover NEW

    Retrofit your current mattress for the ultimate sleep upgrade. Our award-winning Pod technology that fits onto your current mattress and turns it into a powerful sleep machine.

Personalize your sleep experience (and your side of the bed)

The Pod features sleep technology that was developed to boost your recovery and improve your sleep through personalized temperature control, individual sleep and health monitoring, and much more.

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  • Heart Rate

    Heart Rate

  • HRV


  • Respiratory Rate

    Respiratory Rate

  • Time Slept

    Time Slept

  • Sleep Stages

    Sleep Stages

  • Disturbances


  • icon for Automatic Cooling and Heating

    Automatic Cooling and Heating

    The only sleep technology that dynamically cools and heats each side of the bed to match what your body needs throughout the night.

  • icon for Health and sleep insights

    Health and sleep insights

    The Pod tracks your biometrics without any wearables, and notifies you when any metric goes off trend compared to your personal baselines.

  • icon for GentleRise Alarm

    GentleRise Alarm

    Because everyone hates a loud alarm, the Pod can silently wake you up using chest-level vibration and gradual temperature change.

Sleep and health improvements made easy

The Eight Sleep app unlocks the full intelligence of the Pod to personalize your sleep experience. It's the ultimate sleep coach powered by real data.

Sleep soundly with temperature Autopilot

Based on your current sleep quality, ideal thermal environment and ambient conditions, the Pod learns and automatically adjusts temperature to optimize your sleep.

Work on your sleep fitness with digital coaching

Correlating your sleep and health data is key to understanding your health. The Pod makes correlations and provides actionable insights – so you can build better health habits.

Get a deeper look into your health with actionable insights

Get a deeper look into your habits and health changes, with the option to connect your 3rd-party fitness tracker(s) to understand how your daytime activities affect your sleep.

Our mission:
sleep fitness

At Eight Sleep, our goal is to fuel human potential through optimal sleep.

This is why we develop the most innovative and award-winning technologies that go beyond data to actually help you unlock the best rest possible, night after night.

Matteo Franceschetti, Massimo Andreasi Bassi, and Alexandra Zatarain

Official Supplier of Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team

Powering sleep fitness for the 8x Formula One Champions

Mercedes win in Bahrain GP

Same technology. Two forms.

Pod 3 Cover

Pod 3 Cover

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to your mattress

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Pod 3 Mattress

Pod 3 Mattress

Get the all-in-one
Pod experience

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