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The only mattress that actually cools

Now, even better. Meet the new Pod Pro

The #1 cooling mattress

The only mattress that actually cools. Featuring patented hydro-powered cooling technology and the most advanced health and wellness tracking available.

Our tech, your mattress

If you're satisfied with your current mattress but looking for temperature regulation and smarter sleep, check out our Pod Pro Cover technology.

The benefits of smarter sleep

Fall asleep up to 32% faster

The Pod's Smart Temp 2.0 feature helps you fall asleep faster.

Wake up more refreshed

GentleRise™ Wake Up Technology allows you to wake up naturally.

Sleep at the perfect temperature

Each side of the Pod can be set separately to anywhere between 55°-110°F.

Seamlessly monitor your HRV

The Eight Sleep app monitors your key health metrics while you sleep.

We are changing how the world sleeps

Watch how top athletes use our products for better performance through better sleep.

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"Fitness doesn't happen without recovery"

Danny Green, three-time basketball champion.

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"I treat sleep as part of my training"

Grayson Murphy, Professional Runner.

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"When I sleep well, my performance goes way up"

Johnny Collinson, Backcountry and Big-Mountain Skier.

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Backed by top doctors

Our mission:
sleep fitness

We are obsessed with helping people get sleep fit. Sleep, just like fitness, can be measured and improved. High quality sleep enables peak health and wellness, giving you energy and confidence to take on the day.

Matteo Franceschetti
Co-Founder & CEO - Eight Sleep

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Featured products

The Pod Pro

Most advanced smart mattress.


The Pod Pro Cover

Upgrade your existing mattress with our thermoregulation technology.


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