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Eight Sleep Carbon Air Pillow side view


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The Carbon Air Pillow

Cool and comfortable, with carbon-infused foam and phase-change materials.

image of The Pod Pro Cover

The Pod Pro Cover

Retrofit your existing mattress with our exclusive heating and cooling technology.

Eight Sleep - Sleep Essentials Bundle showing pillows, sheets, and protector - thumbnail

The Sleep Essentials Bundle

Everything you need to pair with your Pod: one Pod Sheet Set, one Pod Protector, and two Carbon Air Pillows.

image of The Pod Sheet Set

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The Pod Sheet Set

Designed for the Pod. 400-thread count, 100% Eucalyptus.

Air Lite Comforter

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Air Lite Comforter

Our favorite comforter, the ideal partner for your Pod sleep experience.

Felix Gray Blue Light Blocking Glasses angled view

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Blue Light Sleep Glasses

Filter blue light to increase melatonin secretion and help you get quality sleep.

Eight Sleep branded Gravity Blanket grey angled view

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Gravity Blanket

Throw size, 16lb weighted blanket.

Pod Foundation front view

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The Pod Foundation

Designed for the Pod. Slatted, 100% solid spruce wood.

Eight Sleep Pod Protector

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The Pod Protector

Water and dust proof. Made of greenzone-organic TENCEL®.

Eight Sleep Melatonin Pro Bundle Thorne supplement pack

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The Melatonin Pro Bundle

30 day supply of Magnesium CitraMate, Melaton-3, and RecoveryPro.

Eight Sleep Lavender Sleep Spray standing bottle


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Lavender Sleep Spray

Enhance your sleep environment with this Lavender Aromatherapy spray designed to promote relaxation.

Hyperice Hypervolt massage therapy gun side view

blue sale tag iconSave 10%

Hypervolt Plus

Prep your body for the day when you wake up.

Normatek Leg Pulse muscle recovery pants

blue sale tag iconSave 10%

Leg Pulse 2.0

Compression Recovery Boots to reduce pain and soreness in the legs

Venom Back muscle warmer

Venom Back

Combines heat and vibration to warm up and loosen sore muscles

Prince Bed Frame with Eight Sleep Pod Pro

Prince Bedframe

Enhance your sleep experience with the modern Prince Foundation from Modloft.

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