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Through analyzing over 100 million hours of sleep data, we've learned that there are three key pillars to a comfortable and optimal rest.

Mattress Section with Dual Zone Temperature

Personalized temperature means no more night sweats or blanket wars.

Mattress Section with bowling ball showing contouring

Medium firmness provides the perfect spinal support while you sleep.

Mattress Section with Contouring arrows

Pressure relieving materials adjust to your body's sleeping position.

Cooling and heating to keep you comfortable all night

Sleeping cool is one of the best things you can do to improve the quality of your sleep and keep you comfortable all night. While other brands use breathable foams and cooling gels, the Pod creates the only bed with patented, hydropowered technology that cools down to as low as 12° C.

Thermal image showing Pod mattress cooling surface despite body heat
The Pod

The Pod automatically heats or cools before your bedtime so you get into bed comfortably and fall asleep faster. If you sleep with a partner, their side will automatically set to their temperature preferences as well.

Thermal image showing normal mattress overheating from body heat
Traditional Mattress

Over the course of the night, traditional mattresses retain heat and radiate it back to your body. This simple fact is why sleeping hot is one of the top issues Americans report with their sleep.

pod 3

Sleeping at the right temperature leads to higher quality sleeps

  • Up to 34% More Deep Sleep*

  • Up to 32% Improved Sleep Quality*

  • Up to 19% Increase in Recovery*

The new Pod is the only sleep technology that dynamically cools and heats each side of the bed to maintain the optimal sleeping temperature for your body’s needs.

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Press Quotes

“Plenty of sleep tech will tell you you're not sleeping well. The Pod will actually do something about it.”

“Regulating your overnight temperature generally means sticking a leg out… Eight Sleep’s system is much smarter.”

“Being able to set each side to a different temperature allows my side to be so cold, while my wife’s undulated between ‘warm’ and ‘lukewarm’. The dream, in other words.”

“The Pod keeps track of your body temperature, the room temperature, and even the weather to adjust the mattress temp accordingly. The results are impressive.”

“Plenty of sleep tech will tell you you're not sleeping well. The Pod will actually do something about it.”

Boundless energy, all winter long

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