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The sleep fitness membership

Unlock the full power of the pod

Unlock the full power of the Pod, and access everything you need for optimal sleep performance via the Eight Sleep app.

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8PLUS works in concert with the Pod through a virtuous feedback loop, using your metrics for coaching and refining your recommendations and tools as you track performance and see the progress.


Requires the Pod

  • Enhanced Temperature Features

  • Advanced Analytics

  • Personalized Coaching

  • Challenges & Experiments

  • Unlimited Content and Tools

Exclusive access
with 8PLUS


What is the 8PLUS Membership?

What is the cost of 8PLUS?

When will I have to renew my membership?

Can I cancel my 8PLUS membership?

Can I become an 8PLUS member if I have a different Eight Sleep product that is not the Pod?

I bought a Pod but I did not see the 8PLUS membership in my order, is my membership active?

Unlock the full power of the Pod