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Freaking brilliant. This mattress is like my #Tesla. It gets better the longer I own it due to the updates I get!

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Danny Green Basketball player holding basketball looking at camera - wide crop
Danny Green

"Fitness doesn't happen without recovery"

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Eight Sleep Daryl Homer Olympic fencer sitting on bed with sword
Daryl Homer

"Sleep and meditation are an important part of how I prepare to keep both my body and mind ready"

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man sitting on edge of Eight Sleep Pod MattressPlay button
Tuck Sleep: Eight Pod Overview

"One of the most innovative beds"

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man sleeping face down on Eight Sleep PodPlay button
Eight Sleep Pod Mattress Review (2019) - Can It Cool You Down?
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Award-winning innovation

When it comes to keeping you thermoneutral, the Pod is the only mattress with the technology to achieve it.

See what technology can do for your sleep

Upgrade your sleep with the Pod, and begin your journey to sleep fitness today.

Person happily in an Eight Sleep bed
Person happily in an Eight Sleep bed
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