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The intelligent cooling and heating sleep system

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The intelligence behind the Pod


In a single night, Autopilot takes actions through temperature changes to help you fall asleep faster, get more deep sleep, and wake up refreshed.


Your unique factors used to give you the best sleep

  • Sleep stages

  • Age

  • Gender

  • Bedtime

  • Local weather

  • Temperature preferences

  • Bedroom temperature

  • Wakeup time

Clinically Validated

Autopilot improves your sleep quality by up to 32%

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A man laying on the Pod

Cooling or heating, you decide

Sleep better with the advanced Active Grid inside the Pod. Cool or warm each side of the bed to your perfect temperature.


Their side


Your side

  • 20

    Biometric and environmental sensors

  • 13°

    Cools your bed side to as low as 13°

  • 43°

    Heats your bed side to as high as 43°

Dual Zone Temperature

Make your side your own

You and your partner can both sleep at different temperatures in the same bed.

A top-down view of the Pod with red and blue regions indicating cooling and heating


Their side


Your side

Wake up blissfully each morning

Start waking up gently with a vibration and thermal alarm and no longer wake your partner in the morning

A man and woman in bed, smiling

Better than a wearable

The imperceivable sensors in the Pod track all your and your partner’s key health and sleep metrics.

A smartphone with the Eight Sleep App dashboard showing a Sleep Fitness Score of 90
  • Heart rate

  • HRV

  • Breath rate

  • Sleep fitness

  • Time slept

  • Sleep stages

Your Sleep & Health Report is ready

Wake up to every key sleep and health metric tracked, without needing to use a wearable.

  • Sleep Fitness Score

    See how well you slept

    Every morning, you will receive a Sleep Fitness Score based on your sleep quality, sleep routine, snoring, and time slept.

  • Sleep Metrics

    Uncover your sleep quality

    Your time slept, your time to fall asleep, your deep sleep, REM sleep and light sleep all tracked seamlessly.

  • Health Metrics

    View your HR and HRV

    See your heart rate, heart rate variability, and breath rate each morning, and detect changes to your normal patterns.

Our community

Fueling extraordinary people like you

  • Night sweats

    Jamie, Florida

    “A few months ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and experienced symptoms from treatment (hot flashes and night sweats). This product is a game changer for me, and that this should be considered a device for durable medical equipment.”

  • Sleep apnea

    Kathleen, California

    “I have sleep apnea, I toss and turn all night, and wake up every hour on the hour. My sleep has improved so much with the pod. I didn’t even notice until I recently went on a 10 day trip to Florida, how different it was to sleep without it.”

  • Recovery

    Justin, Texas

    “The ability to actively monitor your sleep metrics and correlate those to periods of over training or even sickness has helped me identify when to give my body rest. Eight Sleep has been one of the best investments I've made for my wellbeing.”

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