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Autopilot: How our powerful technology drives unmatched sleep improvement

At the core of Eight Sleep lies the belief that technology can help people sleep better. How? We believe that in order to sleep better each individual has to fulfill their own needs. So if your bed can understand what you need and address that, then the score will take care of itself. The Pod […]

Introducing Autopilot 3.0, our most personalized, responsive version to date.

Autopilot is the intelligence behind the Pod that personalizes your experience to give you an ultimate night of recovery. Learn more about how Autopilot improves sleep >  Earlier this month, we launched a major advance in sleep improvement to all Eight Sleep members: Autopilot 3.0.   Trained on over 1.2 million hours of sleep, Autopilot 3.0 […]

Seasonal Affective Disorder Self-Care: How to Combat the Winter Blues

As the months become colder and the days become shorter, you may begin to feel the effects of the weather and sunlight changes on your body. Noticing the shorter days and less sunlight is normal, however, some individuals may feel these changes more intensely. These individuals are experiencing a condition called seasonal affective disorder (SAD).  […]