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The all new Eight Sleep app is simpler, easier, and more powerful than ever

This year, we’ve dedicated several initiatives across the business to re-think the Eight Sleep app as we know it today. This includes new features and services like Routines, updated temperature controls, and multi-Pod support as well as behind the scenes changes to improve the app’s speed and accuracy.  Here’s an overview of how you can […]

Summer Refresh: The Pod is now more durable, more accurate, and easier to install

At Eight Sleep, the pursuit of product excellence never stops. We’ve made some impactful improvements to Pod 3 since the original launch in July 2022, with continuous software and hardware improvements that have rolled out behind the scenes.  If you’ve purchased a Pod in the past months, you’ll be delighted to learn about some of […]

Maintaining a healthy HR and HRV

On a nightly basis, the Pod monitors health metrics like HR and HRV, and notifies you of anything off trend. If you’ve received multiple alerts about your health metric trends, you might be curious of ways to help improve your recovery.  We’ve gathered some helpful resources to help you continue to improve your recovery and […]