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Posted on 13/03/2017

Spring Cleaning Your Sleep Schedule

Spring cleaning is not just about throwing out those wilted old flowers from Valentine’s Day or finally getting rid of that pair of too small, […]

Posted on 22/12/2016

Why You Shouldn’t Sleep With Your Pet

If you’re a pet owner, there’s a good chance you sleep with Fido or Whiskers. They’re cuddly, cute, loveable, and they love your bed way […]

Posted on 22/12/2016

6 Things We Learned About Sleep ...

At Eight, we are working hard on the science behind sleep. We keep up with trends in sleep (even in our sleep), so you don’t […]

Posted on 20/12/2016

It’s that wonderful time of the year

Tis the season of buy this 💳 bake that 🍪 bundle up ⛄ go go go and don’t forget a gift. 🎁 We’re celebrating here, […]

Posted on 20/12/2016

What superhero do you sleep like?

Superheroes seem unbeatable, taking on all the bad guys for us. But just because they have awesome day (or night) jobs, doesn’t mean they don’t […]

Posted on 12/12/2016

The Gift Guide That Puts You To Sleep (Literally)

  It’s no secret that we’re all about sleep—getting it, and giving it. And while we love gadgets and products that help do both. So […]

Posted on 06/12/2016

Does A Bad Mattress Mean Bad Health?

By Alexandra Zatarain Originally posted on The Huffington Post   A good mattress is heavenly. But a bad mattress is a nightmare—literally. Sleeping on an […]

Posted on 06/12/2016

Why Smart Mattresses Are The Fut...

By Alexandra Zatarain Originally posted on The Huffington Post   As anyone with even just an iPhone knows, having smart technology around just makes life […]