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The Eight Sleep Pod Heart Rate and Heart Rate Variability Accuracy

At Eight Sleep, we strive to provide our members with not only an optimal sleep experience, but also highly accurate biometric data during sleep. Our sensing technology, embedded in the Pod’s Active Grid Cover, is designed to monitor a variety of biometrics without any wearable and for up to two people on the same bed. […]

The Dangers of Melatonin Supplements – Plus Safer Alternatives to Improve Your Sleep

Approximately 1 in every 3 adults in the US takes melatonin daily, according to a sleep foundation study. The media buzz about the role of melatonin supplements as a sleep aid and their availability over the counter are partly responsible for this steep rise in its use. If you are having trouble falling asleep, taking […]

Fighting Chronic Fatigue: Easy Tips to Boost Your Daily Energy Levels

It’s entirely normal to wake up after a night of suboptimal sleep and feel drowsy and low energy throughout the day. What’s less normal? Regularly fighting to stay awake, regardless of the quality of your sleep the night before. If that sounds familiar, you might be chronically fatigued.  Unfortunately, exhaustion has increasingly become an issue […]