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Eight Sleep’s New Deep Learning Sleep Algorithm

The Pod is an intelligent sleep system that can be added to any bed. It integrates a network of sensors that continuously monitor vital sleep metrics, including heart rate, breathing rate, heart rate variability (HRV), sleep and wake times, and sleep stages. These data are analyzed by sophisticated algorithms to accurately track your sleep patterns. […]

Behind the Design: Exploring Pod 4’s New Cover Design

The new Pod 4 boasts fresh features that meet you where you’re at in your sleep journey, starting with a fully redesigned technology inside the Cover. What’s inside the Cover in Pod 4? While from the outside you may see just fabric that wraps around your mattress, the Cover in Pod 4 is packed with […]

Behind the Design: A Look Into Our Re-designed Pod 4 Hub

In building Pod 4, we made several innovations directly to the heart of the Pod – the Hub. From a quieter design and faster cooling process to swapping the color and fabric of the Hub for a sleeker aesthetic, Pod 4’s Hub has undergone major upgrades to provide an even better sleeping environment for members. […]