2021 Year in Sleep

In 2021, our community took our sleep fitness to the next level.

The SleepOS algorithm analyzed each Eight Sleep member’s sleep profile and generated an avatar to celebrate all your achievements. All members receive one of the following nine avatars based on their personal sleep performance in 2021.

Sleep Fitness Champion

If sleeping were a sport, you’d be standing on the podium with a gold medal. You’re in the Top 10% of Sleep Fitness Scores among all Eight Sleep members. Bravo!

Poised Performer

You’re in the Top 5% of lowest Heart Rates among all Eight Sleep members. A low HR may indicate better heart health and cardiovascular fitness. You’re likely getting great sleep and managing the right cardio routine. Take a bow.

Below Zero Hero

Polar bears got nothing on you. You like your bed icy cold, and in 2021 you were in the Top 10% Coldest Sleepers among all Eight Sleep members. For you, sleeping cold means sleeping better. We’re happy that the Pod has unlocked arctic-level sleep.

Hot Stuff

Your sleep is coming in hot! You’re in the Top 10% Hottest Sleepers among Eight Sleep members. You keep your Pod at the hottest temperature settings, and for you that means sleeping better. We’re happy that the Pod has enabled you to create your own toasty bed side.

Deep Dreamer

Lucky you, you are the soundest sleeper around. Among all Eight Sleep members, you are in the Top 10% Fewest Tosses and Turns on the average night. A low number of tosses and turns means you have good sleep hygiene and are sleeping deep. Whatever you’re doing is working, keep it up!

Wake Up Wizard

Almost everyday, you are excited to get out of bed and conquer the day ahead. Out of all Eight Sleep members, you are in the Top 10% Fewest Snoozes in 2021. Self-discipline is the key to success and you’ve set the standard. Nice work!

Rising Recovery Star

You may be newer to the sport of sleep, but you’re on the come up! You are less than three months into your sleep fitness journey with a strong performance thus far. At this rate, you’re on track for Rookie of the Year. Keep it up!

Pod Pro Maestro

Home is where your Pod is, and you know this better than most. You have prioritized your sleep fitness this year to the max and that landed you a spot amongst our members with the Top 10% Most Nights Slept on the Pod. Looks like you love your Pod, and we’re sure it loves you too.

Sleep Ace

Consistency is key to success. This year, you raised the bar in your sleep fitness game. You have slept over 90 nights, restfully on your Pod. Your dedication to practicing good sleep habits are already paying off. Your future self thanks you.

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