5 key takeaways from our first Clubhouse Event: Health Stacks for High Performers

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Our CEO, Matteo Franceschetti, joined Geoffrey Woo, founder of HVNM, Ellen DaSilva, Head of Strategic Partnerships at hims, Sean Rose, Robbie Bent, founder of Inward Breathwork, Justin Mares, founder of Kettle & Fire, and Josh Clemente, founder of Levels to discuss their personal Health Stacks on Clubhouse.

  1. Integrated health is a big opportunity

    Health data is becoming increasingly available to the average consumer. Many people only visit their doctors once a year, however they have access to health data 24/7 from their devices. Consumers are equipped with all this health data, but do not have a way yet to receive professional advice on how to integrate all their data. Moreover, primary care doctors do not always have access to the full scope of health data for each patient. Additionally, all panelists noted that while people have more access to their health data than ever before through apps and services, consumers do not have a way to connect all the dots of their health data quite yet. There are many devices providing data across multiple health verticals, however, there is no integrated system to clearly visualize or connect how health KPIs affect each other. For example, there’s no simple, integrated way to see how your sleep affects your blood glucose levels.

  2. Telemedicine has a big opportunity

    Telemedicine has accelerated in the last 5 years, especially during the COVID-19 era. Ellen believes that people are becoming more comfortable with seeing a provider virtually, and that health technology companies will lead the way for specialized healthcare for patients. Putting doctors at our fingertips will give patients more flexibility in terms of how they can bring up health concerns to their doctors via text, video-conferencing, and more.

  3. The traditional approach to nutrition is failing us

    Justin Mares is a big advocate for making changes in our modern diets. He noted how our modern diets have shifted away from that of our ancestors. The main difference is the increase in processed foods and saturated fats we consume now. Fundamentally, Justin believes that our food system is broken and others on the panel agreed. Equipping consumers with the right education and knowledge of nutrition can help us solve these problems. Unfortunately, most agreed that current government subsidies are going to the wrong places in our food system, and could be a big unlock for better nutrition.

  4. A personalized diet can have a big impact on our health

    Diets should not be one-size-fits-all. Instead, monitoring your glucose levels can give you keen insights into how your diet might be affecting your body. There is immense value of knowing your glucose levels, even if you are non-diabetic. In a study done by the Weizmann Institute, back in 2015, they were able to see how non-diabetic individuals can have an equal and opposite blood sugar responses to different foods. These studies shed light on the massive interpersonal variability in terms of how individuals respond to different foods, even ones traditionally considered “healthy.”

  5. Breathwork as a way to improve health

    Breathwork can have major positive effects on your physical and mental health. Robbie his experience with breathwork, which has been gaining popularity. Breathing correctly can actually improve your HRV (heart rate variability) by giving your parasympathetic nervous system a relaxing and much-needed break. Without realizing it, we may be putting unnecessary stress on our body by being in a constant state of fight or flight due to how we breathe. If you’re interested in learning more about breathwork, Robbie’s favorites are Breath by James Nestor and The Oxygen Advantage by Patrick McEown.

Want to learn more about the latest in health, wellness, and optimal performance? We’ll be hosting more Clubhouse events, so be sure to look out for them. To stay up to date, follow Matteo on Twitter.

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