Never Sleep Hot Again: How to Combat Sweaty Sleep

It can be extremely challenging to get a good night’s rest as a hot sleeper. Tossing and turning all night due to body and temperature is frustrating. Luckily, there are solutions for sleeping hot that help to cool down both your body and your sleeping environment.

There are people who naturally sleep hot aside from outside factors. However, it’s important to check that your room or bed isn’t the main reason you get overheated in your sleep. Don’t underestimate the role your mattress plays in helping you achieve good sleep. Always make sure that your mattress provides proper airflow and doesn’t trap body heat. Cheaply made memory foam mattresses, while comfy, often lack proper airflow.  Aside from replacing a poor quality mattress, you can adjust the temperature of your room until you find the perfect sleep temperature.

If you still find that you sleep hot at night, there are a simple few tricks that can help cool your body down.

Sleep in cotton

For many hot sleepers, pajamas can stick to sweaty skin and make them even more uncomfortable.  Always make sure to choose pajamas, underwear, pillow cases and sheets made of 100% cotton. Other materials like silk may be comfy, but cotton is the most breathable material. Even better than cotton sleepwear? Sleep naked to avoid sweating. 

Switch to a cooler mattress

It’s well known that foam retains heat. With foam beds being oh so comfortable and oh so popular these days, your sleep is suffering. Try switching to a bed that merges comfort and active cooling, such as the Pod. It can cool down to 55 degrees Fahrenheit giving you the coolest most comfortable sleep all night, all year round.

Water and wind down

If you’re a hot sleeper, your bedtime rituals can make all the difference in helping you get a good night’s sleep. Take a cold washcloth or a few cubes of ice, and rub it on your pulse points before you turn in for the night. You should also keep a glass of ice next to the bed throughout the night as well. This way, if excessive sweating does wake you up, you can simply dab some water onto your forehead, temples, and wrists to cool you back down.


The body naturally decreases in temperature before and during sleep. However, if you go to bed hot after an intense workout for example, it’s going to be harder for you to fall asleep due to your increased body temperature. Taking a shower may seem counterintuitive; why jump in hot water if I want to lower my body temperature? It isn’t the shower so much that helps your body to cool down but rather the temperature change from hot water to cool air when you step out. 

Use a cooling pillow 

There are not very many people who haven’t experienced waking up during the night feeling hot and flipping their pillow over to the cool side. However, you don’t have to continuously flip over your pillow. By using a breathable cooling pillow that has natural cooling gel built in, both sides can be the cool sides. How cool is that?!

Enacting these easy sleep solutions to sleeping hot will help you to reach a temperature where you can easily fall, and more importantly, stay asleep.

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