Compete to Make The Top Eight

Through our Member Referral Program, you can send friends and family $200 off the Pod, and earn $100 giftcards to some of our favorite brands for each friend who purchases. 

For August, we’re introducing Top Eight: a new VIP group to show the members most dedicated to our mission some extra love. The Top Eight advocates in August 2022 (from 8/8/2022- 9/8/2022) will earn a $500 credit in the Member Shop to spend on anything from upgrades, to accessories, to sleep tech – in addition to our normal referral offering. 

We will also be rewarding the Top 20 advocates with some exclusive Eight Sleep swag.

Here’s how it works: 

  1. With each friend who purchases a Pod, you will be rewarded with a $100 gift card to some of our favorite brands, and a point. 
  2. Midway through the month, we’ll give you a status update on your earned points to date.
  3. The Top 8 members with the highest amount of points from 8/8 – 9/8 will be rewarded with $500 in the Member Shop to spend on anything from Pod 3 upgrades, accessories, and other sleep tech. We will additionally provide exclusive Eight Sleep swag to our Top 20 advocates. 

Additional Rules

Winners will be announced the week of 9/12 after the program has wrapped. To receive full rewards and VIP status, friend purchases must abide by our Referral Program Terms and Conditions here

Win a night at an Eight Sleep hotel

Additionally, the member with the most referrals will win a night’s stay at one out our Eight Sleep equipped hotels. This top advocate will be able to choose from some of our premium hotel partners across the US on the date of their choosing, and receive a voucher for up to $500 off towards a night at the property. Booking will need to be in coordination with the dates of the property’s availability.

Getting the Gold

To show the world you’re a Top Eight member, we’ll add the finishing touch by awarding you with a member card makeover. You will be 1 of 8 Eight Sleep members globally to receive our Gold card.

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