Do Restless Legs Mean Restless Nights?: A Study by the Eight Sleep Lab

Eight is committed to understanding and optimizing sleep through technology. With over 20,000 Americans sleeping on our smart mattress, we’re re-thinking how sleep research is done and finding new ways to leverage data to drive meaningful insights.  

We recently worked with Dr. Brian Koo, director of the Yale Center for Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) and member of Eight’s Scientific Advisory Board, to conduct a study among the Eight community that looked at how RLS effects sleep. Here’s what we found:

About the study: Users who sleep on an Eight Smart Mattress were invited to opt in to participate in a study about how RLS effects sleep. Participants answered a survey used in peer-reviewed research to indicate the likeliness of having RLS.  For two subsequent weeks, participants shared their sleep data and answered three daily questions about caffeine intake, alcohol consumption and exercise frequency.

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