Eight’s Guide To Personal Productivity

Here at Eight, we’re a small team with big plans for the future. In order to optimize sleep, we need to maximize our productivity. This means we need to be efficient, effective, and ambitious when setting and achieving our goals. As a startup, we need to move fast and execute well. We’ve grown exponentially in the past year, and can attest our growth to our hard working team at Eight HQ.

At Eight, we believe good sleep is a mean to better health, happiness, energy, and productivity. Today’s post is going to focus on the latter. These are our 5 favorite tips for increasing workplace productivity.

1. The Two Priority Rule

This rule was invented by the CEO of Eight, Matteo Franceschetti, and we all use it in our daily work routine. The right way to prioritize is to work on only 2 tasks, projects, or goals per day. Once you understand what’s most important, focus only on that. Don’t get distracted with smaller tasks and learn how to say no to requests. The way you choose these priorities is by determining which ones will bring the most improvement and value to the company. You shouldn’t try to do more than two, because a third is not manageable. Peter Thiel is famous for pushing each of his team members to focus only on one priority at a time. Matteo believes we can stretch that to two.


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