How An Adjustable Pillow Can Help You Sleep Better

Tired of waking up with a sore neck or back pain? Well, your pillow could be the underlying problem. Pillows impact the quality of our sleep, and the wrong pillow can keep us from getting a good night’s rest. You need a pillow that will keep your neck and spine aligned in a neutral position while sleeping. Because everyone is different, not every pillow is perfect for everyone.

The key is to find a pillow that is the right height and firmness for the person’s size, sleeping position, and personal preferences, which is why we developed the Ultimate Pillow.


The Ultimate Pillow is an adjustable pillow that fits to your individual needs. It is stuffed with three individual layers so you can customize the height and firmness of your pillow for ultimate comfort depending on how you sleep.

Read below for tips on finding the proper alignment and how you can adjust your Eight Ultimate Pillow to achieve it.

Back Sleepers

When lying on your back, a pillow should support the natural curvature of your neck. You want a pillow that’s a little firmer so the head doesn’t go back too far. The pillow should also have contouring properties so it can take on the shape of your head. A medium-firm memory foam pillow offers the best support for back sleepers because it contours to the head while also providing structure and stability between the neck and spine. You can use the insertable cushions to add extra loft in the bottom third of the pillow to cradle your neck. The height of the pillow should be neither too high so that it tilts the head too far forward, nor too low that it extends the neck and tilts the head upwards. Generally, the pillow should be around 3 to 6 inches thick to provide adequate support.  

Side Sleepers

Unlike back and stomach sleepers, side sleepers require extra support. Because of the greater distance between their heads and the mattress, side sleepers typically need thicker and firmer pillows to keep their head and neck in a neutral position. Make sure your pillow is the right thickness between your ear and your mattress so that the neck is evenly aligned with the spine. The best pillow for side sleepers is one that will stay firm all through the night. The memory foam layer in the Ultimate Pillow will do just that, while maintaining the pillow’s shape and stabilizing the neck, as well.

Stomach Sleepers

If possible, avoid sleeping on your stomach as it’s difficult to maintain the proper spinal position. When lying on your belly, your back is compressed and your neck is usually twisted, which causes discomfort. However, if you are absolutely adamant about sleeping on your stomach, opt for a softer and lower pillow that will cradle the head. You want to have less fill in your pillow than those who sleep on their side or back. If you sleep on your stomach with a pillow that’s too thick, your spine will bend at an angle which is more likely to cause aches and pains.


A pillow that is too firm will not allow your neck to fully relax while asleep. However, a pillow that is too soft may not offer enough support. This is where our Ultimate Pillow comes in handy. You can adjust the firmness by rearranging the layers and adding or removing the cushions until your neck feels properly supported. For a firmer pillow, sleep with the memory foam piece on top. For the softest, remove the  memory foam and just sleep on the cushions.

How To Test Your Pillow

Wondering how to find if your pillow is right for you? Here’s a quick test you can do.

1. Stand next to a wall as if you were lying down on your mattress. For example, a back sleeper should stand with their back against the wall and side sleeper should stand with their side against the wall.

2. Rest your head against the wall. Notice how your neck and head probably isn’t straight with your spine. It’s the job of your pillow to fill this gap.

3. Put the pillow in between your head and the wall. If your spine is straight from your neck to back, you’ve found the right pillow for your body.

4.Adjust the layers of the pillow accordingly until you body is perfectly aligned.

At Eight, we’re dedicated to helping you sleep better, and better sleep requires a good mattress and a proper pillow. With the Eight Sleep Pod 3 and the Ultimate Pillow you’ll be sleeping soundly all night long. 

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