Interviewing at Eight Sleep

Our mission

At Eight Sleep we take our mission seriously: to fuel human potential through optimal sleep. We believe that technology holds the keys to optimizing sleep for every individual, enabling them to wake up each morning as happier, healthier versions of themselves. To develop technology that can achieve this, we are committed to recruiting and hiring exceptional talent. Think you have what it takes?

What we look for

Working at Eight Sleep is not for the faint of heart. We operate with intention and intensity and pride ourselves on doing whatever it takes to solve problems for our customers. The passion we have for our product fuels our sense of urgency and often intense days or weeks. We are extremely passionate because for most of us working at Eight Sleep, the mission is personal. Our team members frequently share their personal stories and reasons why they are working so hard to bring our innovations to market. Ultimately this is why we don’t see Eight Sleep as a 9-5 job, but rather an opportunity to be at the forefront of preventative health and to make an impact on the health of humanity. So if you are looking to bring technology into the most important pillar of health, while also transforming the bed into a preventative health device, then you’ve come to the right place.

The interview process

While comprehensive, our interview processes are designed to reflect the pace and working style of our team and offer candidates exposure to the type of work they would be owning if they were to join us. At the start of any process, you can expect a detailed overview of the outlined steps.

Interviewing at Eight Sleep is a mutual selection process – our goal is to identify the best talent in the field who will also be successful in our environment while painting a clear picture of what working with us is like.

We aim to wrap up interviews within 3-4 weeks from the first touchpoint with our team. Timelines may vary based on candidate availability. A general outline of what you can expect from our interview processes is highlighted below:

General Process outline

  • Application received. You can review our open roles here and apply directly. If your application was processed correctly, you will receive a confirmation of receipt email from Eight Sleep. A recruiter will then screen your application and determine if it’s a match. Our team moves quickly to share updates but if you don’t hear back from us in 3 weeks, please assume we are not moving forward.
    Video interview with our Talent Acquisition team. This is the first opportunity to learn more about the role and the company, and for our team to get to know your experience.
  • Video interview with the Hiring Manager. This is where things can get more technical, diving into the specifics of the job scope and your expertise.
  • Video interviews with up to three cross-functional team members. Expect a handful of these interviews before the take-home case study or directly after to assess your experience and skills as a fit for the role.
  • Take-home case study. All interview processes require the completion of a case study. The case studies allow a deeper assessment of your technical skills and provide a more dynamic discussion with our team. As a requirement, we view the completion of the case study as a table stake to continue exploring the opportunity with Eight Sleep. These projects are based on hypothetical situations and used for evaluation purposes only, which means you retain the rights to your materials and they won’t be used by the company. Our entire hiring panel spends considerable time reviewing these materials, and in turn are sensitive to the time that goes into creating them.
  • Case study presentation. If you choose to complete the case study, you will have an opportunity to present it to a panel of key stakeholders.
  • Final interview with our Chief Executive Officer.
  • References. Prior to extending formal offers, you can expect to share professional references. We value reference checks and do not consider this step in the process a formality.

Please note the process above may vary based on role, seniority, and if you are contacted by a third-party recruiter

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