Introducing Sleep Pro Picks

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Eight Sleep recently launched our new Sleep Pro Picks Program. Sleep Pro Picks are a collection of the highest quality products that you can pair with your Pod to increase your sleep quality and recover faster. Each product has been researched and tested by our experts to ensure it improves your sleep quality and recovery. Learn more about why we launched the program, who’s behind the rigid selection process, and the details about the vetting criteria. Plus, meet our first Sleep Pro Pick, the Hyperice Hypervolt Plus.

What are Sleep Pro Picks?

At Eight Sleep, we are obsessed with helping people sleep better. We believe that technology can help us unlock the full power that sleep brings to our health and wellness. We create products like the Eight Sleep Pod and Pod Pro that help you sleep better, but we know that there are other high quality products out there that you can use in tandem with the Pod to increase your recovery and sleep quality. We want to deliver our members the best possible experience and be the place that users come to shop products that help them improve their sleep and recovery, so we formed an internal team to research and test products made to help you recover faster. If they survive our rigorous testing process, they officially become a Sleep Pro Pick.

All Sleep Pro Picks are sold on Eight Sleep’s website and will ship directly from the partner’s warehouse. You’ll know if a product is a Sleep Pro Pick because it has a Sleep Pro Pick badge at the top of the product page. Additionally, our team will share their experience using each Sleep Pro Pick so you can see exactly how it can fit into your everyday routine. 

Who tests and selects the products?

Sleep Pro Picks are products curated by a team of experts at Eight Sleep. This team tests products to find the gold standard in recovery and sleep health. While we test many products, only a select number of products that are approved by our Sleep Pro Picks team are accepted into the program. We use these products in tandem with the Eight Sleep Pod to achieve the ultimate sleep experience, increase sleep quality, and recover faster.

The Sleep Pro Picks Testing Squad is made up of Eight Sleep employees across departments who are searching for and reviewing products that you can pair with your Pod to help improve sleep quality and recovery. Members of the Sleep Pro Picks Testing Squad research products in every category, test them over the course of a few weeks, and then review the results with members of the team.

Over the course of the testing period, the team tracks the effect that the product has on their sleep quality in tandem with the Eight Sleep Pod. In addition to taking daily notes on how they feel when using the product, they answer the following questions about the product:

  • What problem in sleep and recovery does this product solve?
  • How does this product fit into a wind down or wake up routine?
  • What science and research has been done on the effect of this product on sleep quality and recovery?
  • How often do you have to use this product in order to see the effects?
  • How does using this product affect their Sleep Recovery score?

The team then reviews their findings with the other members of the Sleep Pro Picks Testing Squad and makes a recommendation as to whether or not Eight Sleep should move forward to offer the product. 

Can I suggest products as a Sleep Pro Pick?

Yes! We are always looking for new products that help improve your sleep quality and recovery to test. If you have a product suggestion for the next Sleep Pro Pick, please email us at [email protected] so we can start researching and testing it. Or tweet us at @eightsleep.

Meet our First Sleep Pro Picks from Hyperice

To launch the Sleep Pro Pick Program, we partnered with Hyperice to sell the Hypervolt Plus, Venom Back and NormaTec Leg Pulse 2.0. Our team has followed Hyperice’s work on recovery over the last few years. Many members of the team use their products daily to increase their recovery. Read this blog post to learn how Eight Sleep’s Co-Founder and CEO Matteo Franceschetti uses his Hyperice Hypervolt Plus to keep his muscles loose and increase recovery after long workouts. 

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