Introducing Gentle Rise: An Enhanced Morning Experience With The Pod

Today we released major updates to the wake-up experience in the Eight Sleep app. From brand new features to design improvements, every single upgrade was made to better support your sleep fitness journey by optimizing your wake up experience.

Wake up seamlessly through temperature to help you stay productive during the day.

Formerly known as the Thermo Alarm, the upgraded experience of Wake Up includes a variety of new and advanced features to help you achieve sleep fitness, including:

  • Set the specific temperature you want your thermo alarm to wake you up at as part of your Smart Temp profile to ensure a more cohesive temperature flow from bedtime until morning. 

Smart Temp

  • Set Wake Up temperature experiences to repeat on any day of the week to maintain consistency for a positive morning start.


  • It’s also more reliable than ever, eliminating the need to keep your phone plugged or the app open in the background.  

Keeping a consistent wake up time and routine allows the body to go through the sleep stages more efficiently. Our bodies crave consistency and we naturally become more alert closer to our wake up time. If you vary your wake up routine too much, it throws off your natural sleep rhythm and affects sleep quality. With Wake Up, the Eight Sleep Pod provides the tools for you to achieve your optimal wake up experience and increase productivity throughout the day.

Use the Pod Pro’s GentleRise to silently wake you up without disrupting your circadian rhythm.

With the launch of the Pod Pro, you can pair Wake Up with the Pod’s GentleRise technology for an elevated wake up experience. The first alarm of its kind, it uses gentle vibration at chest level to wake you up without any sound.

Rather than using light and sound that abruptly wakes you up regardless of where you are in your sleep cycle, the vibration gently uses movement to wake the body up. Plus if you sleep with a partner, it does not disrupt your partner since the vibration is unique to your side of the bed.


Upgrade to the Pod Pro to unlock the vibration alarm and other advanced features like HRV tracking.

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