Members Only: Save on your Upgrade to Pod 3

Our Member Upgrade Program provides members with the tools needed to level up older Pod generations with the latest Pod 3 tech – our most innovative generation yet. Pod 3 is truly the ultimate sleep machine, with improved comfort, enhanced tracking, and stronger connectivity than any Pod to date. 

Here’s how the upgrade works:

  • Save $500: Eight Sleep members can save $500 off when they upgrade to Pod 3. This offer is available exclusively through the Eight Sleep App. See below for details on how to access the offer. 
  • Purchase it exclusively from the Eight Sleep App: Go into the Member Shop by tapping on the profile icon in the App, then select the Pod 3 Upgrade Bundle. In addition to Pod 3 upgrades, members can also use this page to access special discounts on accessories and recovery tech. 

Zips to your existing encasement: The Pod 3 Upgrade Bundle includes a new Hub, a new Active Grid Cover, and Power Cables. The new Active Grid will replace your existing one, by zipping directly onto your existing Encasement (whether you have a Pod Cover or a Pod Mattress, it will zip onto your encasement regardless). The new Hub will also replace your existing one.

Preparing to setup your Pod 3 Upgrade Bundle

A new Hub, Active Grid Cover, and Power Cords are included in part of your Upgrade Bundle. All you will need to keep for your upgrade is your existing encasement, whether that is part of your current Pod Cover or Pod Mattress.

Installing your new Pod 3 

When you receive your Pod 3 Upgrade Bundle, go into your Eight Sleep app. In the app, tap your profile icon to open the side menu and select “Set Up New Product”. From there, you will be led through the removal of your older Pod, and the installation of your Pod 3. Set up will take around four hours in total, with one hour of hardware assembly and three hours of priming – so we advise installing your new Pod at a time most convenient for you well ahead of your bedtime. You can always break up hardware assembly and priming set up if you need a night’s sleep in between.

Recycling your Pod 

To be as environmentally-friendly as possible, we recommend recycling the electronic components of your Pod– specifically the Hub. Local electronic stores like Best Buy have e-recycling programs that may be willing to take your entire tech bundle and strip the components down further, otherwise we recommend disposing of your Cover. You can also try searching for other e-waste recycling sites near you. 

The next generation of sleep awaits. Upgrade to the new Pod 3 now.

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