Sleep cool during hot summer nights…and save on your energy bill

This summer has been hotter than usual (scientists say the hottest on record). For years, turning
on fans or cranking up air conditioning have been the only sources of respite during sweltering summer days….and nights.

This means people see big spikes in their energy bills, but it also means they may still struggle to sleep and experience night sweating & wake ups. Enter the Eight Sleep Pod. The Pod can be added to any bed (like a fitted sheet) and improves your sleep through intelligent temperature adjustments. It cools as low as 55º F (12.8º C) and each side of the bed can be adjusted to different temperatures. The Pod reduces the temperature of your bed surface directly, which is a more effective way to cool down your body than air conditioning – helping you improve your sleep and reduce your energy bill.

Because contact heat transfer is much more efficient than using air, you can rely on your Pod for thermal comfort and dial back your thermostat to save on your energy bill – whether you are cooling or heating your bed.

Here’s an example*:

  • If you use the Pod to cool or heat your bed, you could dial back your thermostat setting by 7-10º F (3.9-5.6º C) while sleeping
  • You’ll save as much as 10% on your energy bill, according to the Department of Energy 
  • The average American household energy bill is $200/month, which means a
    potential saving of $20/month by using the Pod to dial back the thermostat

The best way to stay cool during hot summer nights, stay warm during cold winter nights, and improve your sleep is clear: the Pod’s advanced cooling and heating technology, that will drop your bed surface as low as 55º F (12.8º C) and as high as 110º F (43.3º C). This thermally regulates your body efficiently, allowing you to dial back on your thermostat and save on your energy bill: potentially by $20/month.

Hear from Eight Sleep members:

* Individual experiences may differ based on house size, ambient and outdoor temperatures, and HVAC type and condition

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