Sleeping Temp 101: Find the optimal temperature for you

Science shows that body temperature affects sleep onset, but also sleep quality and the time spent in different sleep stages. Because of this, the Pod allows you to set what temperature you fall asleep to, and also schedule temperatures for each phase of your sleep.

Your Temp Dial features 20 temperature levels ranging from +10 to -10. Since the Pod utilizes water for temperature, we use a different scale to describe water temperature (which often feels different from air temperature). Only 5% of our members prefer to sleep on extreme temperatures, so start with more neutral temperatures to start.

Your body temperature needs change throughout the night. While it’s a common misconception that you need one specific temperature for sleep, your body temperature changes throughout the night as you move through various phases of sleep. 

Human body temperature is regulated by our Circadian rhythm, or internal clock, which helps our bodies function. Tuning your temperature to this rhythm through the night can help you minimize wake ups during different phases of sleep. We recommend you follow a U curve shape when setting your temperature schedule to improve recovery. Set the Deep phase to be one level lower than your bedtime temperature setting, and the REM phase to be one level higher than your bedtime setting. 

Autopilot is our proprietary algorithm which monitors your temperature patterns and external environment to provide you with optimal temperature selections throughout the night. It can take up to 7 days for it to calibrate to your profile, after which you can fully rely on the feature to select the temps that will give you the best night of sleep –– eliminating the need for manual testing.

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