Summer Refresh: The Pod is now more durable, more accurate, and easier to install

At Eight Sleep, the pursuit of product excellence never stops. We’ve made some impactful improvements to Pod 3 since the original launch in July 2022, with continuous software and hardware improvements that have rolled out behind the scenes. 

If you’ve purchased a Pod in the past months, you’ll be delighted to learn about some of our recent updates, including:

Enhanced durability

We’ve updated some materials on the Pod Cover, as well as some of the Hub components to protect units from the daily wear & tear. These new materials have shown to be up to 2X more resistant to punctures and have been rigorously tested to simulate 10 years of use. These improvements will increase the lifetime of the product, while maintaining our desired aesthetic and comfortable feel.

Improved accuracy

Pods are now even more sensitive to detecting your presence in bed thanks to improvements to our sensors and our algorithms. These updates increase the accuracy of your sleep and health reports as well as the automatic temperature adjustments. 

Easier installation

Installation steps have been shortened to help you kick off your first night with ease. We’ve integrated the encasement into the Pod Cover and removed the need for bed straps, decreasing manual installation time by 30% and getting you into bed for your first night even faster. 

All Pod generations continue to improve with new software features 

Once you own a Pod, no matter the model, members will receive new features on a weekly and monthly basis that improve your sleep experience. This summer, we’ve already shipped improvements like Autopilot 2.5, updates to our Alarm functionality, new temperature controls, and more. 

New warranty options

In addition to these software and hardware features, we also now offer an extended 5-year warranty. With this warranty option, you’ll be fully protected from any damage your Pod may undergo within the eligible period. In the case of damage or malfunction, our Support team will swiftly send out a replacement unit to have you sleeping back on the Pod in no time.

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