The all new Eight Sleep app is simpler, easier, and more powerful than ever

This year, we’ve dedicated several initiatives across the business to re-think the Eight Sleep app as we know it today. This includes new features and services like Routines, updated temperature controls, and multi-Pod support as well as behind the scenes changes to improve the app’s speed and accuracy. 

Here’s an overview of how you can use the new and improved app

Maintain a healthy sleep schedule in the new Routines tab 

We created Routines to help you improve and manage your sleep consistency. Pair bedtime and alarm settings into your dream routine for each day of the week, and make changes on the fly if you need to catch an early flight or want to sleep in.

*Don’t worry, we’ve migrated over your existing alarms for you.*

Fine tune temperature controls with ease, helping Autopilot learn exactly what you need. 

View current and scheduled settings side by side to feel confident in all your manual adjustments and help Autopilot learn from your precise preferences. 

Now, anytime you make a change, you’ll also be able to train Autopilot on whether it’s a one-time preference or you’d prefer it on all future nights.

Take shortcuts to temperature settings and routines directly from the home screen.

The new Home screen acts as a birds eye view to everything in the app. It includes short cuts for easy access to the services you use most such as temperature controls, routines, and sleep and health reports. 

Own a second Pod? Now, control all your Pods from a single account. 

If you have a second Pod in another home or in a guest room, you and your partner will be able to control all of your Pods from one membership. Your sleep profiles will be maintained across all devices.

Help your partner by quickly switching between profiles when their phone is out of reach

Now, you can conveniently switch between you and your partner’s side of the bed from (ADD) to manage their temperature settings, alarms, or preferences when they need assistance.

We’ve also made several improvements under the hood

A new alerts system to ensure your Pod operates at 100%

We’ll notify you if your Pod needs to be primed, re-filled, or is no longer online. These maintenance alerts are now accessible in the Home screen and will help you make sure you Pod is always at its best for a perfect night’s sleep. 

The new app loads 2x faster than before

We’ve made several improvements on the backend to double the app’s loading speed, giving you a little time back for catching zzz’s.

Improved reliability, for perfect sleep night after night 

Crashes, bugs, or connectivity issues won’t be disrupting your sleep fitness. We’ve mitigated any potential issues that could get in the way of a good night’s rest, making the app as smooth as butter. 

Enhanced accuracy, so you can leave your wearables on the nightstand 

With significant improvements to sleep and HRV tracking, the Pod is on par with the top consumer sleep tracking products in the world. Our HRV and HR algorithms now stand at 93% and 99% respectively, validated by gold-standard testing methods.

To access these updates, get on the latest version of the app with an active Eight Sleep membership. 

The Eight Sleep app and membership will only get better with time. Make sure you’re on the latest version of the app for the best sleep improvement possible, and stay on the look out for more updates to come.

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