The History Behind Memorial Day Mattress Sales

Memorial Day is an American holiday that honors fallen soldiers, so why has it become ubiquitous with mattress sales? Well, it doesn’t take much to turn a national holiday into a consumer holiday. Although most people have the day off, retailers stay open. Everyday is a potential sale for a retail company, and holidays present the greatest opportunity for profit and growth. A Goodshop survey found that 53% of consumers who plan to shop on Memorial Day will be looking for sales, both online and in-store. Because over half of Americans are looking to shop, it makes sense that a Memorial Day sale will be a boon for business. 

Long weekend holidays like Memorial Day, President’s Day, and Labor Day have historically been the best for high-ticket items like mattresses. Most mattresses range from $800-$1200. This kind of pricey purchase is not an impulse buy. A three-day weekend allows consumers to think before they buy.  A mattress is a product that people interact with every day – it’s an important part of life! Before e-commerce became big, people would use their three-day weekend to go to a mattress store and shop. Having this extra day gave someone and their significant other a chance to check out the mattress together. Now that online mattress companies like Eight exist, you can skip the store and buy online. This will give you ample time to enjoy the barbecues and the beach. 

Another reason why Memorial Day is such a big weekend for mattress sales is because Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer. School is out and the sun is out. The warmer weather signals rest and relaxation. People tend to view the summer as vacation. They believe they have more time to sleep, hence why everyone is thinking about mattresses at the end of May. 

Summer is also a primetime for moving. According to real estate figures, most Americans move between May and September. Nobody wants to move when it’s cold out, and the nicer weather makes lugging boxes back and fourth easier and more enjoyable. People also move more in the summer due to summer internships and new jobs after graduation. Recent college grads will be moving out of their home and looking to furnish their new apartment. In addition, many newlyweds will be moving into a new home together during the summer months because summer season is wedding season. When a person relocates, they usually buy new furniture. Don’t worry about struggling to fit your huge mattress through your door! Get one shipped in a box from Eight. 

Lastly, May marks a rise of consumer spending. According to a Gallup survey, Americans start spending more money in the summer. The average dollar amount continues to increase until the winter holidays. Then there is a significant drop off after January. Perhaps it is the Memorial Day Weekend sales that spark these spending trends. In fact, most sales actually begin a few weeks before the holiday. This Memorial Day, you can get $150 off any mattress at Eight, free shipping and returns! 

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