The Way You Sleep Says A Lot About Your Personality!

We spend ⅓ of our lives asleep, so why not make the most of it? Sleeping is one of the most important things you can do in a day and it’s essential for a healthy lifestyle. A good night’s rest refuels your body, boosts your mood, makes you smarter, and helps you live longer. We at Eight believe that everyone can sleep better so we developed a bed that tells you how. Our incredibly comfy mattress is paired with an intelligent sensor cover that measures the quality of your sleep and delivers a daily report. You can learn a lot by studying one’s sleep. In fact, researchers have found a correlation between sleep position and personality. Even though you’re unconscious, your sleeping habits speak volumes about your personality.

Check out the five major sleeping positions below and see if your personality is a match! Since sleep is so personal, we’ve also given some recommendations on how to best decorate your room based on your personality. If the description sounds like you, head over to Crane and Canopy to select the perfect bedding to go on top of your Eight Smart Mattress. They craft luxury bedding to make sure you sleep smart AND chic.  

The Fetal Position


If you sleep in the fetal position, you like to curl up in a ball and snuggle up in your blankets. You’re a quiet person who needs alone time to recharge. You get overwhelmed easily and love having downtime to sleep away the stress. You’re the type of person who’d rather spend Friday night cooped up in bed watching Netflix than going out to a bar. Your bedroom is super cozy with exposed brick and blue and purple accents while your bed is probably overflowing with fluffy pillows and sherpa blankets.

The Starfish


If you tend to sleep on your back with your arms and legs sprawled out, you are most likely an extrovert. You are open, sociable, and confident. You’re a natural-born leader who likes to take charge and dominate the conversation. People are drawn to you because of your charm and charisma. You’re super outgoing and you love to meet new people. Your bedroom is just as bright as you with warm colors like pink, red, yellow, or peach scattered throughout.

On Your Side


 People who sleep on their sides are open-minded, accepting, and sensitive. You take time to totally open up, but once you do, you’re the life of the party. You’re fun, creative, and energetic. You always have a smile on your face, even when the going gets tough. However, you do tend to overthink things and overreact at times. You have a really chic bedroom with lots of beautiful artwork and perfectly matching colors and pretty patterns. It definitely looks straight out of a catalogue.

The Soldier


If you sleep on your back with your arms straight down at your side, you are strong, responsible, and resilient. Like a soldier, you live a very structured lifestyle. You probably go to sleep and wake up at the same time every night. You’re a perfectionist who puts a lot of pressure on yourself to succeed. You definitely prefer a minimalist design in your bedroom and love having an all-white bed spread.

The Free Faller


Freefall sleepers enjoy resting on their stomach. As the name implies, freefall sleepers are free-spirits. You are independent, adventurous, and spontaneous. You love to travel the world and try new things, especially food. Although you tend to be a risk-taker, you’re secretly anxious and crave control. Your bedroom is cool and sophisticated, but also unique. When people walk into it, they just know it belongs to you. Greens, blues, and grays are your favorite colors.

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