Big City, Tiny Spaces: Why A Mattress In A Box Is Your Best Bet

Dear New York City residents (or future residents),

This one’s for you. 

When I first found out I was moving to New York City, I thought to myself: this is the place where all my dreams will come true. I closed my eyes and pictured my new life. I was frolicking through Central Park with Blair Waldorf’s clothes and Carrie Bradshaw’s attitude, all to the tune of Taylor Swift’s “Welcome To New York.” Yes, NYC is a true cosmopolitan city (*says with jazz hands). It’s lively, trendy, and a city of opportunity. But you know that already. I’m here to talk about the less glamorous part of this place: The apartments. 

Living in NYC is fun and all, but the actually living part can be quite difficult. New York City, specifically Manhattan, is known for being one of the most expensive cities to live in. You’ll find a 4th floor walk-up studio the size of your closet with no bathroom door, slanted floors, and no amenities all for the extremely low price of $2,300 a month! What a deal. . .NOT! Because NYC is #thedream, we must accept our overpriced closet and sign the lease (hey, at least there’s exposed brick). 

Adjusting to your tiny space is easy compared to the actual moving in part. Carrying a heavy queen-sized mattress up four flights of stairs and through a narrow hallway with tight corners is a feat that deserves a gold medal. I can’t tell you how many neighbors I’ve seen trying to shove their furniture through their door. The look of disappointment on their faces as they realize it won’t fit and they have to somehow return it. Skip the exhaustion and frustration by purchasing a mattress in a box! At Eight, our smart mattress is compressed, rolled, and put in a 16″x16″x46″ box. That’s the size of a golf bag for a reference. Shipping is not only free, but stress-free. Unwrap the mattress and watch as your mattress puffs up in seconds. If only there were couches in a box. . . 

Big city, big furniture, small box. Let Eight take care of all your mattress moving troubles. Order yours today

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