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The things we do become the people we are.
Meet those who inspire us to do better.

Katie Boren

Katie Boren

Ballerina, American Ballet Theatre

“Sleep powers me to find the moments where I can push myself to be better. To train harder. To improve just a little more.”

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Buster Skrine

Buster Skrine

Professional Football Player, Chicago

“I need to recover consistently and efficiently. To be better on and off the field. For my family, my fans, my team.”

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Daryl Homer

Daryl Homer

Olympic Fencer, Silver Medalist

“Sleep and meditation are an important part of how I prepare to keep both my body and mind ready”

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Noah Neiman

Noah Neiman

Founder, Rumble Boxing and Rumble Training

“If I don't recover well then I can’t put forth the energy and possess the mental clarity I need to push myself forward.“

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Person happily in an Eight Sleep bed
Person happily in an Eight Sleep bed
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