3 Ways to End the Blanket Wars

If you’re like me, you’re constantly fighting your partner for the blanket and sometimes even struggling to get your fair share of the sheets. Duvets and comforters fly, sheets get tossed to the bottom of the bed, and one person always seems to wake up shivering. Ah, the blanket wars.

Over 50% of couples like to sleep at different temperatures. So it’s no surprise that the blanket wars are real. Thankfully, the team at Eight sleep invented the Pod to address this widespread phenomenon. With the Pod, the only smart mattress with automatic heating and cooling, each side of the bed can be set to between 55-110°F.  You can either choose to set your own temperature through the Eight Sleep app (it connects to the Pod and is easy to use), or you can use the Smart Temp feature.  

You may be wondering how Smart Temp works – it’s pretty simple. The Pod senses your sleep patterns and automatically adjusts the temperature to help you fall asleep faster and keep you asleep. 

Whichever mode you choose to use, there are 3 main ways to end the wars:

1. Cool down his side

Men typically have higher metabolic rates than women, which means their bodies heat up faster on average.  In addition, men’s’ skin temperatures tend to be higher, so they don’t sense cold as much as women do. In fact on average, Eight Sleep male users tend to prefer to sleep at cooler temperatures.*  I tend to set my side of the bed to -8 cooling, which makes the surface of my side about 60°F.

2. Heat up her side

In addition to lower metabolic rates, women tend to be more sensitive to cold than men due to a variety of factors including lower skin temperature and greater levels of estrogen, which slows blood flow to the extremities.  Eight Sleep female Pod users prefer to sleep at warmer temperatures than their male counterparts.* For example, my wife’s smart temp profile is 4|2|3, which are all warm temperatures throughout the night.

3.  Sleep happy

With each person able to adjust the temperature to their ideal preference, couples see a decrease in tosses, turns, and blanket stealing after sleeping on the Pod.* Who doesn’t want one less thing to fight about?   

Shop the Pod today. Now through Presidents Day, 2.24, get a free accessory when you buy a Pod.

*According to data collected from Eight Sleep users sleeping on the Pod as of January 2020.

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