8 Habits of Well Rested People

Ever see those people perky and alert on Monday mornings without a coffee in their hand and wonder just what their secret is? Well it turns out, they have eight secrets. By following the tips below, you too can become a well rested person.

  1. They maintain a regular sleep schedule

The importance of going to bed and waking up at the same time cannot be stressed enough. Try to avoid sleeping in on weekends, as tempting as it may be.

  1.  They enjoy taking naps 

Naps can help you feel more rested as long as they are 15-35 minutes or a full 90 minutes. Time of day is also crucial when it comes to naps. Nap in the early afternoon and never after 4:30 since it can affect your nighttime sleep.

  1. They do their best to relax before bed

The Eight app features meditation sessions and soothing white noise to help you destress before bed. You won’t be well rested if you’re up all night worrying, so try writing down your concerns in a journal before bed or reading a relaxing book. If you’re having trouble sleeping, imagine a soothing beach or a beautiful landscape.

  1. They work out

Overtime, exercise can help you sleep better. According to a 2013 National Sleep Foundation survey, people who report exercising more report sleeping better, too. However, some people experience restfulness after vigorous exercise, so avoid pumping iron too close to bedtime.

  1. They don’t stress about going to bed late one night

Yes, it’s important to maintain a schedule, but don’t beat yourself up for staying up past your bedtime one night. The stress from this could keep you up even later, so just accept that it is okay and promise yourself you’ll get back on track tomorrow.

  1. They don’t sleep with a pet

Everyone loves kitten cuddles, but your restless pets could prevent you from getting a good night’s rest. Thirty percent of pet owners who sleep with their pet report waking up because of their four-legged friend at least once per night. What’s more, if you have an outdoor pet, it could be bad for your sleep health. Read more here.

  1. They recognize the importance of sleep

You can’t expect to be well rested if you don’t appreciate the benefits of being well rested. It’s important to make sleep a priority. Working during the wee hours of the night is a recipe for burnout, not productivity. If you’re feeling tired, put down your laptop a little bit early. Insufficient sleep will impair your performance the next day, so it’s crucial you get a good night’s sleep.

  1. They know when enough is enough

Well rested people who tried everything to get sleep on their own know when it is time to seek help from a professional. If you’re practicing good sleep health but still find yourself unable to fall or stay asleep, talk to a specialist.

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