A Brief History Of The Mattress

Beds are a place to unwind and get some rest at the end of a long day. Most of us probably don’t think much about the everyday item that plays such a big role in our lives. But the mattress has come a long way to be what it is today. Read below for a brief timeline of how the mattress has evolved.

10,200 B.C.E: The very first bed is invented. These beds likely were made with materials like leaves, grass, and whatever was plentiful in nature covered in animal hides. Imagine how tired our ancestors must have been after constructing their own mattresses!

3,400 B.C.E: Egyptians sleep on piles of palm branches.

200 B.C.E: Romans take it up a notch by stuffing materials like straw and wool inside of cloth to sleep on.

Early 18th century: Mattresses are now stuffed with wool or cotton.

1857: The coil spring, integral to the innerspring mattress, is invented.

1871: The first innerspring mattress is created.

End of 19th century: The first box springs are invented.

1929: Latex rubber mattresses are produced.

1930s: Pocket spring mattresses are first introduced.

1960s: Waterbeds are introduced to consumers.

2015-2016: Eight launches its innovative sleep tracker in 2015. The Eight Smart Bed, which provides the perfect amount of support and comfort, is launched in 2016.

Next time you crawl into bed feeling exhausted, be glad you didn’t have to spend all day building your own mattress!

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