Affordable Gifts For Everyone On Your List

We all want to show our loved ones how much we care this season. While our family and friends are priceless to us, unfortunately their wish list comes at a price. However, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on holiday gifts to put a smile on the face of everyone on your list.

Check out these top picks of the best affordable gifts for those of us on a budget. These presents are sure to make up for all the homemade macaroni necklaces and poorly written short stories you gifted family and friends in the past.

For the Napper: Ultimate Pillow, $75

Who doesn’t have someone on their list who would rather stay in pjs and nap the weekend away than go out? Of course, no nap is complete without a comfy pillow. Eight’s adjustable pillow makes an excellent gift for the napper on your list. The Eight Ultimate Pillow adjusts to their sleep position and ideal pillow height and firmness.

For the Beauty Enthusiast: Anastasia Beverly Hills Sugar Glow Kit, $40

This kit features 4 metallic highlighting shades which can be applied wet or dry on eyes, face, and body. In fact, 3 shades can even be worn on lips. This versatile gift is great for the beauty lover who wants to make some room in her makeup bag.

For the Fitness Enthusiast: XTfree Wireless Sport Earbuds, $99.99

Sweatproof and designed to stay in place, these Bluetooth wireless earbuds have up to 6 hours of battery life with each use. That’s plenty of hours of listening for a stretch, workout, cool down, and a walk to that green smoothie place after the gym.

For the Vino: Winc Wine Club Membership, $52

Each month, four bottles of wine will be shipped to your wine lover’s house so they can sample wine from around the world from the comfort of their own couch. They can choose from hundreds of wines or let Winc choose for them to match their taste. With free shipping and bottles from $13, this makes an amazingly affordable gift.

For the Modern Philosopher: Waterproof Notepad, $7.75

This waterproof notepad comes with suction cups that can be placed anywhere in the shower. This is perfect for the person on your list who is always coming up with new ideas. We all think of some of our best ideas in the shower, so don’t let them slip away!

For the Workaholic: Deep Sea Sand Art, $85

We all know someone who seems to always be working. So why not add a little zen to their office?  This calming sand art creates different natural landscapes to remind them they’re working to save up for that house in the mountains or that Italian vacation.

For the Sriracha Lover and DIY Enthusiasts: Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit, $34.95

This hot sauce kit includes everything you need from bottles to a funnel to dried chipotle peppers and more. They can add just the right amount of seasoning for their tastebuds to put on everything from omelets to nachos.

For the Coffee Addict: Coffee Gift Subscription, $24-$144

Everyone knows that person who is miserable before their morning cup (or cups) of coffee. Keep them energized and caffeinated with a Blue Bottle coffee subscription. Choose from a 3 month or 6 month supply of changing coffee or create your own frequency and pick the type of coffee they get each month.

For the Man on your list: Dollar Shave Club Membership, $55-$144

A Dollar Shave membership is the perfect practical gift for the guy on your list. Choose the type of razor and pick between a 3, 6, or 12 month membership. You simply fill in his information online, and with the click of a button he gets a fancy box each month with new cartridges to give him a clean shaven look.

For the Lady on your list: Elisa Pendant Necklace, $50-$85

This Kendra Scott necklace makes a great addition to any outfit. Choose from 18 different sparkling stone and chain combinations to give the perfect personalized gift. She’ll love the gorgeous gift, and you’ll love the free shipping.

For Mom, Dad, and Grandparents: Fill in the Love Journal, $13.94

One of the most thoughtful gifts you can give this year, these books have fill-in-the-blank lines for you to write in. Tell Dad just how much you loved playing baseball with him as a child (even if you did break that window..), and tell Grandma how much you appreciate her baking your favorite cookies every year.

For the World Traveler: Warby Parker Fletcher Sunglasses, From $95

Choose between three different frame colors for the perfect look. These sunglasses have anti scratch coating, so they don’t have to worry about damaging them as they shove them in one carry on after another.  With 100% UV protection, these sunglasses are a stylish necessary for chasing waterfalls in Costa Rica or climbing glaciers in Iceland.  

For the Tech Geek: Amazon Echo Dot, $49.99

Amazon Echo Dot is voice controlled and uses Amazon Alexa to do everything from play music to control compatible devices like thermostats and house locks. This hands free device will quickly become any tech lover’s best friend.

With these cheap holiday gifts, you may even have enough left over to get yourself a pair of those light up Rudolph socks or that Festivus sweater you’ve had your eye on. Happy Shopping!

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