The Benefits Of Owning A Smart Home

Imagine a home smarter and more efficient than you that can cook, clean, and lock the doors among many other things.  While this may sound like the plot of a futuristic movie, it’s actually the reality for more and more people. With all the recent advancements in technology, it’s no wonder that our homes can be smarter than us. Add in the Eight Smart Bed, and your home will be the smartest one on the block.

There are a number of benefits that come with owning a smart home.

One of the biggest upsides of having a smart home is that you can connect all your devices to one another easily. This is usually done using IFTTT, a free app and website that allows you to connect all of your smart technology and apps.  Never thought your bed could make your coffee? The future is here, friends.

Another major perk of smart homes? You can control everything from one place: your smartphone. You don’t have to worry about learning any new, complicated controls. Controlling your smart home with the tap of a finger makes owning a smart home easy and convenient.

Smart homes can also save you time. Connecting your Eight Smart Bed to your WeMo coffeemaker for example can save you time in the morning. Let your smart devices do the work for you.

Everything is uniquely fit for your lifestyle so you get your money’s worth on all of your products. Smart homes also save you money by automatically turning devices and lights off when they are not being used or when the room is empty.  

Since they save energy and don’t waste electricity, smart homes are also efficient and good for the planet. The Eight Smart Bed connects with Nest thermostat to automatically adjust to your optimal room temperature for sleeping, so your heating or cooling system doesn’t run more than you need. Since Eight Smart Beds also have a warming system, you can turn your bedroom heat off in the winter.

From shutting off the stove to locking doors to making sure your bed warming does not stay on too long, smart homes look out for you. They are safer than traditional homes. 

Smart homes are the smart choice, and no smart home is complete without a smart bed. Integrate all of the apps and smart devices in your home with Eight using IFTTT. Learn more here.

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