Best Mattress for Sex

Floors are for dancing; they are not for comfortable sex. However, when shopping for a mattress, comfort is one of the most important things to take into account. You want a mattress that is perfect for both your sleep and your sex life.

There a few main factors that indicate the best mattress for sex.


This one may seem obvious, but a firm bed is crucial. You don’t want a bed that is so soft you sink into it. Since your bed can’t pop a pill to fix that problem, opt for a medium firm to firm mattress. You want the weight of two people to be distributed evenly, no matter what positions you’re in.


It’s important to choose a mattress that doesn’t trap heat. Chances are, you get sweaty enough without a heat trapping mattress adding to it. Make sure you pick a mattress like the Mars + that is made with extra breathable foam and spring coils to help improve air flow.


It does matter. An intimate moment can be ruined in an instant if one of you suddenly falls off of the bed. You want to ensure that your bed is large enough so that you both can enjoy those steamy nights.

Minimal to zero noise

Nothing can kill a mood more than a squeaky bed. Whether you have kids, roommates, or just thin walls in your apartment, a silent bed is key when it comes to uninhibited sex. Foam mattresses and hybrid beds are overwhelmingly more quiet than innerspring beds.


If your mattress is uncomfortable, you’ll be uncomfortable. Sex is to be enjoyed; it’s not something to rush through because of back pain from an unsupportive mattress. Instead, choose a mattress with many layers of premium, supportive foam like any of Eight’s foam mattresses.

Responsive layers/Bounce

The mattress needs to fit your bodies as you move so you feel supported; it should bounce back a bit instead of just engulfing you.You’re going to be moving a lot, so a mattress with minimal movement transfer is ideal. A hybrid mattress that contains foam and coils like the Mars+  provides a nice push back and has just the right bounce needed to enjoy the experience to its fullest.

With its breathability, firmness, and premium foam layers combined with coils,  The Mars+  is the perfect mattress for out of this world sex.

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