Best Outdoor Spots To Catch Some ZZZ’s

Sun and relaxation: two things summer is known best for. Get the most out of your summer by relaxing in the warm weather in these outdoor spots.


Whether it’s gently swaying under the shade of a palm tree in Mexico or under your grandparent’s oak tree in Michigan, laying in a hammock is a relaxing way to get some rest.

Local parks 

Live in more of an urban jungle than a beach paradise? Not to worry. Grab a shady spot and set up a blanket in your local park if the summer sounds of pickup soccer games lull you to sleep. Not comfy laying on a blanket on the ground? Stack some pillows or bring your own hammock to tie between two trees for an afternoon nap.

Balconies or porches

Whether in a hotel or on your own porch, you can catch some rays and zzz’s from the comfort of your own space. The best perk of this spot? You can always walk back in to refill that lemonade.


The lull of waves put many people to sleep. Pull up a lounge chair so you’re comfortable, lather on the sunscreen, and pull that floppy hat over your eyes to catch some rest. But before you do, read this article to avoid the dangers that can come with sleeping in the sun.

Don’t live by a beach? Many cities have green areas or comfortable recliners by bodies of water.


Have rooftop access? Enjoy the view but escape the noise of below by napping on a rooftop. The best part? If it’s the roof of your apartment, you can easily carry up a few pillows without having to lug them far back.

Remember: Naps should last 15-35 minutes or for a full 90 minutes so you don’t wake up  feeling groggy. Use sunscreen before napping and insect repellent so you wake up looking and feeling good.

Check out more about the benefits of napping here.

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