Best Place to Buy a Mattress

From mattress speciality stores to online sites and department stores, there are endless options when it comes to where to purchase a mattress. But where exactly is the best place to buy a new mattress?

If real estate is “location, location, location,” then mattress shopping is comfort, dimensions, and affordability.

Here are some mattress shopping tips to keep in mind:

  • Try before committing. The best way to try out a mattress is to actually sleep on it at home, so find an option with an at home trial.
  • Mattress prices vary, so understand the quality you’re getting for your money. The most expensive mattress isn’t necessarily the best.
  • Many people take into account mattress dimensions to make sure their feet aren’t hanging off, but double check that the mattress can actually fit through the door and into your room as well.

Make sure you know when to buy a new mattress before jumping ahead to where.  Choosing a mattress can be stressful enough, so we’ve compiled a list of pros and cons for each option so you can learn how to easily shop for a new mattress. Check out our ultimate mattress buying guide below to help you learn how to choose the right mattress from the best place.

Mattress speciality stores


  • ability to test the mattress
  • plethora of options
  • salesperson available to answer all your questions immediately
  • many stores offer delivery services
  • payment plans sometimes available


  • pushy sales people
  • usually expensive
  • only get to test the mattress for a few minutes

Department stores


  • typically cheaper than speciality stores
  • ability to test the mattress


  • limited options
  • salespeople usually aren’t as informed and may try to sell you on an innerspring mattress which tends to sag
  • difficult to transfer mattress from the store to your room

Online speciality mattress sites like Eight


  • can speak with a representative outside of normal business hours at your convenience via phone, online chat, or text
  • mattress is shipped to you in an easy to carry box that can fit through small door frames and up stairs
  • top quality
  • 100 day free trial to test mattress
  • easy to compare mattress types
  • payment plans available
  • can read reviews from other customers
  • superior understanding of mattresses and sleep thanks to Eight’s 10,000,000 hours of sleep research


  • if you live outside of the US, you may not be able to have your mattress shipped to you

Secondhand sites (eBay, Craigslist, etc.)


  • affordable


  • I’re buying a used mattress, so who knows what went down on that.
  • you can’t try before you buy
  • the size and material options are limited
  • chances are the mattress isn’t in top condition

Sites like Overstock and Amazon


  • usually affordable
  • decent amount of options
  • can read reviews from other customers


  • expensive shipping
  • no mattress expert to answer questions

The Verdict?

With online mattress stores offering a variety of quality options for mattress types and sizes at affordable price points, the best place to buy a mattress is from an online mattress speciality company like Eight. Eight not only offers many mattress types from a foam mattress to a hybrid mattress, but they offer smart mattress options as well.

Unlike many mattresses, Eight smart beds seamlessly connect your daytime routines to your nighttime ones. Choosing the right mattress online is the smart choice. Compare Eight’s many options today!

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