Can Sleep Trackers Help Us Live Healthier?

We all want to be healthy; that’s why we track everything from our calories to our steps. But sleep is an important part of living healthy as well, and sleep tracking can help further improve our health when combined with an active lifestyle.

What sleep trackers can tell you about your health:

-if you’re sleeping too much or too little

-if you have health issues that interrupt your sleep

-can help determine why you feel fatigue or exhaustion during the day

-how your daily activities affect sleep

-if you’re at an increased risk for heart disease and/or depression

Living healthy requires being aware of the importance of your sleep, and sleep trackers show you the quality of your sleep in detail, from how many hours you sleep nightly to your respiratory and heart rate.

Sleep deprivation can literally kill you, and it can do so faster than food deprivation. Many people do not realize they are not getting enough sleep, but a sleep tracker reveals a severe lack of sleep before it turns into a major health issue. Tracking your sleep can tell you how long it takes you to fall asleep each night. If it takes you a mere few minutes every night, you are likely sleep deprived. A lack of sleep has also been found to weaken your immune system and lead to depression. You can use the information from sleep tracking to help avoid health problems and improve your sleep.

Conversely, oversleeping is also a health issue that sleep tracking can detect. Regularly sleeping for more than 9 hours each night poses health risks just like sleep deprivation does, such as a higher risk of heart disease and depression. A sleep tracker can detect oversleeping so you can seek help from a sleep professional and live healthy.

Sleep tracking can also help to detect other sleep issues like sleep apnea. By using a sleep tracker, you can talk to a doctor and seek treatment sooner.

Furthermore, poor sleep leads to an inability to fully concentrate on tasks during the day. No one wants to mess up that work presentation or fail that final exam. More importantly, a good night’s rest gives us the energy we need to exercise during the day, another key element to overall health.  Not sure the cause behind your poor sleep? Sleep trackers like the Eight bed technology can help determine possible reasons behind a lack of or interrupted sleep.

The Eight app connects your waking hours with those spent asleep so you can see how activities like drinking caffeine or exercising before bed affect your sleep and make any necessary changes.

From telling us the right amount of sleep we need each night to detecting sleep issues, sleep trackers can provide us the information needed to help us live our healthiest and most well rested lives. So start sleep tracking today!

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