How Making Your Bed Can Help You Sleep at Night

It can be tempting to not make your bed every day as it’s just going to get untucked when you go to sleep again at night. What’s more, most of us already have busy enough mornings as it is. But making time for making your bed can be extremely beneficial.

A survey by The National Sleep Foundation found that people sleep better and longer when their bedrooms are clean.

Set the mood

Going to bed in a clean, relaxed environment can make it easier to fall asleep. An untidy room and untucked sheets cause stress and anxiety that can keep us up at night.

Make sleeping easier

Nighttime rituals can help you sleep like turning down your bed every night. Your brain begins to associate the same habit of turning down your bed with sleep, thus making it easier to fall asleep.

Sleep, Don’t Sniffle

If you have pets and allergies, you have all the more reason to make your bed every morning. Allergies can keep people up at night, and making your bed can help by preventing pet hair and dust from gathering in your sheets. Even if you don’t suffer from allergies, no one likes being covered in pet hair.

Stay Productive

Not only can making your bed help you sleep, but it can also encourages you to be more productive throughout the day. So start tomorrow off on a positive note by making your bed.

Of course, one of the most important sleep factors remains sleeping on a comfortable mattress.  Try our Eight Smart Mattress for 108 nights for a better sleep.

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