This One Easy Trick Will Increase Employee Productivity

We all want better sleep and to perform to the best of our abilities at work. It turns out that one common element can hinder both: light.

Circadian rhythm is the body’s natural clock that aligns with the sun and tells us when it is time to perform basic functions like sleeping and eating. According to a recent article in Forbes, “Constant light has not only disrupted our natural circadian rhythms, there’s also a surplus of evidence that suggests different types of light can disrupt our natural sleep-wake cycles, our ability to focus, and cause irritability or even depression.”

No one wants unfocused workers, so what’s a boss to do? Well, changing the lighting in the office can increase productivity. Most office lighting is harsh, often fluorescent lighting. They emit a limited light spectrum that messes with our natural circadian rhythm. People need natural light from the sun to stay healthy and focused, not hours of artifical one tone light.

According to Forbes, there are two types of lighting systems that can improve circadian rhythms and help workers focus more: Circadian lighting and Daylighting.

Circadian Lighting

It imitates natural daylight and follows the transition of the sun from blue light in the early morning to white light in the afternoon. The white light will signal to your body that it is daytime, and it will increase alertness.


This lighting system optimizes natural light that is already entering the room. This system must integrated lights in the room with shades on the window to ensure the proper spectrum of light enters the room.

Work with what ya got

If your office building already has plenty of natural light, then there is no need to implement these systems. But if not, figure out which type of lighting is best for your building. If your building does not have a lot of large windows, then use Circadian Lighting. If your building has windows that only a bit of natural light filters through, Daylighting is the best option.

By utilizing one of these two lighting methods, not only will your employees be much more focused, but you’ll save money on electricity by utilizing as much natural light as possible.

All of our body’s natural functions are connected, and they are all influenced by light. Healthy circadian rhythms can not only improve sleep, but they can improve productivity as well.  

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