How Sleep Tracking Can Help You Live Longer

Whether it’s to meet our great grandchildren or live to see the first mission to Mars, we all want to live long lives. Staying healthy is key to a long life. It’s no secret that good sleep habits help us achieve good health, and sleep tracking can be a useful tool to living a longer life.

There are three major types of sleep trackers: ones you wear on your wrist, phone apps, and sleep trackers that you put in the bed. Tracking sleep using a device worn on your wrist can be annoying; no one wants to have to charge another device. The sleep tracking phone apps require you to sleep with your phone, and that is neither comfortable nor safe.  Luckily, sleep trackers that are built into the mattress cover on your bed are safe and easy to use. Bed sleep trackers use advanced bed technology to monitor your health, both asleep and awake.

Sleep tracking features allow you to view a number of factors that are important for health. You can discover your time slept, how much you tossed and turned during the night, your respiratory and heart rate, your sleep schedule, and sleep stages. If you find that your respiratory and/or heart rate is abnormally high or low for example, you can talk to your doctor right away. Without nightly sleep tracking, you may not realize unhealthy changes in your body as quickly.

Lack of sleep has been associated with obesity and clinical depression, two things that can literally kill you. When we are able to track our sleep, we stand a greater chance of avoiding certain health risks. You’ve heard the saying “knowledge is power”, but in this case knowledge is better health.

An essential part of a healthy, long life is a lack of stress. Chronic stress can lead to heart disease which can ultimately lead to a young death. Stress is an inevitable part of life, but it can managed using meditation such as the meditation sessions on the Eight app. Meditation can help you relax and release stress before bed, leading to a restful sleep and a longer life.

Eight’s sleep tracker helps monitor your health so that you can live longer. Who knows what exciting sleep advancements are yet to come in the years ahead!

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